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Cartridge fork Ohlins Ténéré 700 RXF 48 complete with triple clamp

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€ 2.970,00 + VAT
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The standard suspensions of the Tenere are quite basic, to make your bike more performing and comfortable we have studied and tested a series of possibilities, this solution is the TOP of the range. With the Öhlins RXF 48 S the bike changes character and becomes much more fun and usable on any type of trail. This will allow you to have customized racing suspension and driving comfort will be fantastic.
It will allow you a more aggressive ride and smoother landings. With a refined micro finishing process applied to the TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating on the inner fork tubes, we were able to reduce friction. Together with a new flexible tube sanding process, the new version of the RXF 48 S offers an improved contact area on the main spring. Regardless of the type of track, the RXF 48 S will help you fully enjoy your Tenere.
Plates and feet designed ad-hoc and CNC machined from solid. Compression and extension adjustments are made easily. The new front fork offers a noticeable improvement in both on-road and off-road riding. The design of plates and feet has been redesigned to make the whole front very "bad", and make everything plug and play. You can reuse: the original calipers and relative screws, the original headlight support and handlebar risers, the steering head, clamping nuts and bearings.

-Complete fork developed to our specifications is equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees exceptional performance.

-Adjustable in compression and extension
-Length 926 mm
-Stroke 226 mm
-Stems 48 mm
- it is not necessary to replace the brake hoses

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