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Kit Rear Susp. Airtender

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Maximum comfort when traveling.
Maximum performance when you are riding at a good pace.
Optimal set-up - finally! - when riding with a passenger. On the road and offroad. Pure fantasy, until yesterday. Reality - now - thanks to AirTender®,  the innovative superelastic system patented! The only system able to drastically widen the range of use of the bike, eliminating the compromise between the possibility to comfortably absorb road roughness and the ability to keep the bike stable when the revs go up!

The AirTender® system works by combining a coil spring in series with a hydropneumatic system. On small suspension movements and in the maneuvers only the helical spring moves that ensures stability and a fast response on the micro-roughness: + STABILITY AND + GRIP.

When road roughness increases the hydropneumatic system activates, instantly and autonomously, which makes the system able to absorb any asperity without dangerous jolts: + COMFORT AND + SAFETY.

Last but not least, to complete the revolution, AirTender® lets you adapt your suspension - with a simple turn of the screw - to every load condition, allowing you to rediscover the pleasure of riding even when traveling with a passenger, and the passenger to finally enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort: +ADAPTABILITY

The right suspension at the right time, always!

The AirTender® kit can be installed on any shock absorber - standard or aftermarket - improving its performance. In addition, the AirTender® is the only system that perfectly fits with the existing electronics (eg the BMW ESA-Dynamic or Ducati DSS system) allowing you to keep full functionality of your OEM system.

Umbria Kinetics is selecting the best technical partners for sales and installation of AirTender® kits. Keep up-to-date by consulting our website and our social media channels to discover the available kits and book your installation at the AirTender® Point nearest your home!
Join the Suspension Revolution!

NB: the fact that the bike is equipped with ESA or not does not change anything for the AirTender kit.

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