8 Cupolino Big tour
Cod. 1111
Made with high quality materials 4 mm thick as the original. Maximum strength and transparency while respecting the safety rules.
Due to the design of this fairing air is conveyed over the helmet and over your shoulder for maximum comfort and protection.
Dimensions: 46 x 50 cm (height x width maximum)

9 Stickers protection
Cod. 122509_05
Are intentionally applied on transparent varnish to avoid damaging the paint off-road use.
Dimension: mm 150x120

10 Rubber knee pads
Cod. 132509_05
Protections original 80s made ​​of rubber, giving the bike a vintage look and repair your knees off-road.

11 Tank bag gs grain leather
Cod. 122509_04
Bag tank top grain leather sewn with nylon thread. Handmade in Italy.
Dimensions: 160 x 220 mm, H 70
Mounts simply inserting the supplied cradle under the wing tank.
The transparent window of the front pocket allows use of the touch screen phone without removing the device.
Be removed quickly when off the bike, is designed to be worn in the belt passing.

12 Rear luggage bag gs grain leather
Cod. 122509_01
Rear Luggage Bag GS grain leather with nylon thread hand madein Italy. For all GS model.
Size: mm 200 x 280, H 150
All the parts necessary for assembly are included.
The aluminum plate is positioned inside the bag and fixed with 4 screws to the brackets mounted on the rack as in next photo.

13 Supports for original plastic bags Vario
Cod. 1220
The bike setup R120 can be equipped with mounts for the original plastic bags, hats (see configuration) mounting media treated steel with powder coatings with high resistance of our production.
Includes all accessories and mounting hardware.
WARNING The bags in plastic Vario can be purchased at the official BMW sales network. They are assembled by purchasing our support Code 1220 and the rear fender with the holes. The rear fender without holes is still supplied with drilling template for a subsequent installation.


The KIT R120 G/S R is supplied complete with video assembly instructions, screws and accessories.
Some details have been deliberately kept from the original parts and must be removed from the original bike.
We reserve the right to make changes and improvements for the efficiency of the Kit.

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