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Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, We ship our products internationally and provide you with a tracking code so you can track the delivery. 

How much are the shipping costs? 
The shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the orderd parts and the delivery address. They can be seen before you pay. Just click CHECKOUT and enter the adress.

With such models is compatible KIT R120 G/S?
The KIT R120 G/S can be mounted on BMW R1200 GS 2004 to 2012. When you make the purchase will need to specify the year of your motorcycle. We will send you the kit compatible with your model.
The bikes range from 2004 to 2007 than for the subsequent assembly of the kit in the tank cover (cap region), supports the fuel tank and riser handlebars.

Is it possible to mount the kit R120 G/S on the Adventure model?
It is possible only after replacing the original tank plastic model Adventure with the original model R1200 GS.

To assemble the kit R120 G/S, who can I contact?
The installation time is about 4/5 hours. The KIT R120 G/S can be mounted in a tuning store or specialized mechanical shop or at our studio in San Clemente (RN).

The KIT R120 G/S is reversible?
At any moment you'll be able to recover your bike in its original configuration, as for the assembly does not change anything about the original parts.

Can be mounted the luggage on KIT R120 G/S?
You can mounted the plastic bags Vario with our frames Code 1220 (see Optional), the rear fender have already holes.
The ADV aluminum panniers can be mounted with the original frame, the rear fender have already holes.
Are provided caps for rear fender purchased in SPECIAL PARTS (Code 122509_06) for use the bike without bags.

The KIT R120 G/S front fender can be mounted high and low?
The front fenders ALPINEWHITE and DUNKELBLAU can be mounted high or low depending on your taste. The front fender MATT BLACK can be mounted only low and is also compatible for the bike in the original version, R 1200 GS or ADV.
Remember that when you mount the fender low you can remove the bracket under the headlights.

The KIT R120 G/S you can adjust the headlight?
Yes headlight is provided with an adjusting knob at the rear bottom.

The KIT R120 G/S can be mounted LED arrows or with the classic light bulb?
The turn lights LED and bulb has the same attacks. If you buy the windshield Fenoil or Gaston, we give you the extension for the turn lights bulb.

The fuel tank capacity is changed?
No, the fuel tank is that of the original bike. We replaced only the cover.

The seat is mounted on the original attacks?
Yes. You will need to remove the key from the codon in gray plastic and you can keep the original lock. On release of the lock pin is fitted with a rubber that will be provided.

What should I do in case of defective merchandise?
See Art 6) Warranty Period on the page Terms and Conditions

I had a problem with your product. What should I do?
For any questions you can contact
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