BMW R18 Sportail

When Edgar Heinrich, driving his R18, presented it to the world at Villa D'Este. We immediately said:  “with that 1800 Boxer and those clean lines we need to make a kit! "
Sure… it would have been a challenge. We are oriented towards other bikes. We come from racing. We have never approached the cruiser world. But we gladly accepted the challenge.

We scanned it in 3D and disassembled it piece by piece; everyone agreed on the goal to reach: an R18 a little more nineT.
We redesigned the triple clamp and fork feet (all CNC), Ohlins suspension, lighter front and rear fenders, new wheels, wide handlebars just right to feel the road and the exhaust to hear the engine. At the rear we have reconstructed the tail and the seat frame, then the seat, seat cowl, headlight and led indicators, and a more minimal license plate holder.
With the SPORTAIL kit the R18 becomes a little more like us, with a different style: lighter and with a sportier set-up...A real Roadster.

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