Welcom back /Seven!

The wait is finally over! You can find your nineT/7 Kit in Special parts.

Visit our website, we have prepared an infinite number of options for your nineT! 

Tank nineT/7

The tank is completely interchangeable with the original one, the fuel cap and the fuel pump remain those of your bike, the reserve warning light will still work, you will not have to tamper with anything, the kit is TÜV APPROVED and completely reversible. The fuel capacity is 18.5 liters.
The Nylon tank is ready for assembly and  can be used with all seats compatible with the original tank. All mounting hardware for the tank is supplied in the kit. 
The comfort and driveability of your bike will improve dramatically. The tank is shorter which makes it possible to load the front end better.This improves handling and you will no longer have the strange distant feeling from the handlebar.
The tank comes pre-painted in a variety of classic colours or you can choose the unpainted version to personalise it.

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