The KIT R120 R marks a return to the origins of the classic BMW slash 70's while maintaining the comfort and drivability of your bike.
After about 3 hours of editing KIT R120 R have revolutionized the look of your bike, making it unique, without changing anything of the original parts. In practice, you will have two bikes in the garage only paying a stamp duties and a single insurance.
The kit is compatible with all models R1200 R 2006-2013.
At any time, you will be able to restore your bike in the original configuration.
Of course, in addition to KIT R120 R base, you will have the ability to implement R120 R with other accessories.
Personalise it with the configurator and judge for yourself. The R120 R becomes according to your tastes a fantastic replica of the BMW slash 70's.
The KIT R120 R comes with everything you need for installation including an instructional video for the disassembly of the original parts and the subsequent installation of the Kit.

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