RAD, the abbreviation of MOTOR RAD and "radical".
  s till primarily used by people on the West Coast,   is generally considered to be a much higher praise than  words like 'cool', 'awesome', and 'tight',  RAD seemed perfect for this ambitious project!

We have designed a kit that redefines the modern GS but at the same time complements it's heritage.

The transformation of your GS takes less than two hours! The kit RAD fits all R 1200 GS models from 2013 onward and also the new R 1250 GS (no ADV models).   A family of accessories dedicated to the new GS comes to life with the Kit RAD.

There is no need to remove the fuel tank, and no type of homologation or special tools are needed. Everything is easy to install and an assembly video is provided.   

All the parts of the GS RAD kit are also sold separately and are Plug and Play. You will not have to modify any of the original components, the kit is completely reversible. 

Go to the site and configure your bike as you like, in addition to the basic kit there are many accessories available!    
The kit Rad includes:
0 Box with video instructions + screws and supports
1 Tank cover (available in two colours)
2 Side panels
3 Radiator deflectors
4 Front side panels
5 Stainless steel side covers
6 Airbox snorkel
7 CNC milled aluminium air intake
8 Tip
9 Central cover

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