The XRAMBLER Kit of Unitarage convert the BMW R1200R roadster in aggressive scrambler, able even to venture on dirt roads  full throttle. It's a perfect Xrambler.
In the seat you feel the emotions typical of a scrambler bikes, easy and simple, which go perfectly with the round engine of the R1200R. The release is full, throttle response invites you to play with the gears and having fun on twisty routes even when the asphalt gives way to gravel .
After about three hours of editing the Xrambler comes to life, shaping its forms on those models R1200R 2006-2014 .
Details that recall the 70s. There are in fact the knee rubber bands on the tank to protect the paintwork. The rack is very sturdy, houses the number plate aluminum and a box of tools with which to disassemble half bike. But don't worry, this bike will not ever need, but the aesthetic make you crazy.
Every single detail is built with a carefully crafted unique. The fork legs have protective neoprene on top and cover with plastic on the bottom just like on the today's enduro. The fenders are made of plastic molds created ad hoc and black painted then covered by a matt transparent to make it durable, I wishing you to complete the bike with the fantastic Alpina tubeless spoked wheels .
The Xrambler comes from my personal search for the total bike and especially modular. Many details that are combined with the base of our Classic Kit for the R1200R already on sale on our website with the addition of tires on / off, short seat and hight muffler that makes it really a different bike, I 'm loving it.
The kit is completely reversible, so you will have the possibility to modify the bike at will without denying you the chance to come back.
The kit comes complete with a professional video that explains all stages of assembly. Everything is very easy and intuitive, you do not need either file or drill, is all ready to be mounted.
Of course, in addition to KIT Xrambler basis, you will have the ability to implement the R1200 R with other accessories, the Xrambler is fantastic, personalise it with the configurator and judge for yourself.

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