Riders 54. The cover: Dakar Kit

The Riders of July-August cover shows a beautiful specially created on the basis of the rules the European market of the last four years. The BMW R1200GS that, so the magazine, refers to the legendary Dakar style of the eighties.

Immersed in a sand dune, brings out with his adventurous spirit, only the superstructures of the Garage Kit Unit R 120 G / S, which rewinds the tape of the time until 1984, so the 80 G / S Paris Dakar. Then you will see in service to the whole.

This model has a story of dreams, desire for adventure and solid quality. A few minutes on the site configurator to dial it, a thousand euros in advance and within a few days the pieces they get home. They used fiberglass reinforced with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy machined from solid. The final price? 3,920 euro.

On page 74 the proof of Garage Unit. Among the sand dunes ...

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