Suspensions with variable height nineT Urban GS and Scrambler

If you want to change the height of your nineT Urban Gs or Scrambler, we have what you need.

Now you can raise or lower the height of your bike according to your personal needs:
the low version can be lowered to -25mm from the original seat height,
the raised version can be set up from +40mm up to +70mm compared to the height of the original seat.

We have studied a number of possibilities to increase both performance and comfort. The bike completely changes character and becomes much more fun and usable on any kind of terrain, the results have amazed us too.

The original suspension lacks compression and extension settings. By replacing the fork cartridges, combined with a series of rear suspensions of various lengths, you will have the opportunity to increase performance and change the ride height of the bike. 

When ordering you can indicate the weight of the rider and the type of use of the bike. This will allow you to have a customized suspension with  fantastic driving comfort. Choose from the many proposals we have prepared and tested for you!

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