UnitGarage for GS GS 850-1100-1150 & ADV

We are ready!
Many fans of the brand BMW have asked me for a kit dedicated to the models prior to the 1200, then, as mentioned in my last newsletter, I decided to prepare a series of accessories for the GS series produced from 1994 to 2005.
We are talking about the beautiful and robust enduro Bavarian 850/1100/1150 and 1150 GS Adventure.
This time instead of thinking about a prepackaged kit I developed a series of accessories ready to assemble, as always reversible, interchangeable and they can be purchased separately to customize and personalize your GS as you please, even with a few tweaks, eliminating weight and without having to tamper with any of the original parts.

You will find two new configurators already online on my website www.unitgarage.com
One for the Gs 850/1100/1150 and one for Gs 1150 ADV and you can choose the customization that you like.

You will start from the combinations of stickers for the tank, and then customize your bike in enduro versions more radical, essentialy Scrambler, Basic or Classic with a touch of racing color. You can remove the "beak" and move the radiator in front of the engine, or shorten the tail with a more compact rack. Change the color of the dual seat with the covers or replace them with a long and confortable seat of our production; remove the instrument panel with a small round cockpit; leave the original instruments with our accessories or even without. Changing the original headlight with a round headlight in two options: PRO with original BMW reflector with mounting options for a hight front fender or the more classic BASIC. Simplify the tail by removing the large number plate to mount a small low taillight.
After the long development process of all the parts, we are finally ready.
Now it's up to you
Have fun!

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