Zagora Jacket and Pants

Unit garage Zagora Jacket & Pants
True, made for everyday adventures as well as for big tours. A pure, simple, robust jacket with all the necessary details to face every condition; aging with you on every trip. Thierry Sabine, inventor of the Paris Dakar, use to say: "I am leading you to the doors of the adventure, then only you can open them to defy your fate." 
So, good trip!
Fabio Marcaccini & Michiel verstockt

Handmade in Italy, ready for great adventures ... but not afraid of an aperitivo!

Original 16 oz Scottish waxed cotton.
Front zip pockets and side vents.
Predisposition for  D3O protections

Blue Waxed Canvas (Dark Indigo)
Green Waxed Canvas (Khaki Brown)

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