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Kit HP2 Basic

Kit HP2 Basic
Kit HP2 Basic
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Cupolino Fenouil
Cod. 1227MB HP2 (Matt Black HP2)
Cod. 1227AW HP2 (Alpinewhite HP2)

Reproduces the look of the legendary R80 GS PD adapted and revised for the HP2.
Made ABS, With an ALPINEWHITE or MATT BLACK and with a transparent finish.
It has good wind protection and comes complete with mounting brackets. Diameter 185mm
N.B.: Can be mounted only with our Healight frame cod. 1705 and Headlight cod. 1704.

Headlight protection grill (Fenouil)
Cod. 1227GRILL
For your off-road adventures and more challenging travels with our Fenouil windshield, you can not do without the headlight grill. Handmade in stainless steel treated with high strength epoxy powder coat, comes complete with everything needed for installation. IMPORTANT Not approved for road use.

Tank Cover HP2
Cod. 1701
Couple of Tank Cover in special resin and MAT reinforced with carbon fiber, ALPINEWHITE color and graphics , replaced the original plastic give the bike a great vintage look.
Lightweight, they can be mounted in few minutes, are supplied painted and drilled,complete with aluminum grill
On the left side it is provided a large air intake for the original oil cooler

Stickers HP2 basic
Cod. 1707basic
Couple of HP2 basic stickers with transparent protection for UVA.

Modular Luggage Rack HP2
Cod. 1702
Modular luggage rack made of steel with aluminum cover finished in epoxy powdercoat. The steel subframe replaces the original aluminium one, making the back of the bike more robust against damage when falling down and giving to the bike a fantastic vintage look. Designed for both long journeys with one rider as well as rides with a passenger. The front part over the seat can be removed and reassembled in few minutes. Very useful for hooking the baggage over the back of the seat or simply used as a handle when moving the bike stationary driving Off Road. Is supplied with rear light, aluminum plate and additional handle.
NB: To be mounted by removing the aluminum cover and side panels in original plastic

Front fender
Cod. 1703
Vintage front fender in plastic with dedicated tip.
It comes complete, painted, with screws for mounting.

Cod. 1704
Headlight mounted lamps h11 (provided in the kit). The optical unit is to model of the R1200 R, then high yield when driving at night. The accommodation is of our production.
Easy to mount on the frame Cod. 1705. It can be adjusted in height by a handy knob.

Headlight Frame
Cod. 1705
Made of steel treated with powder coatings with high resistance it replaces the standard frame.
Easy to mount and it allows the housing of headlight cod 1704, and is ready for ours windscreen optional.
To mount the original instrument must be removed the tree grummets from the frame of series and inserted into the 3 holes of our Headlight frame

Fork gaiters in neoprene
Cod. 1706
Designed specifically for the Hp2 protect the fork sliders in off-road use and give to the front a very aggressive look.

Kit HP2 Basic


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