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Kit MarraKesh K75

Kit MarraKesh
Kit MarraKesh K75
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KIT marraKesh for K75
The components listed below make up the complete list to assemble the kit offered in photo based on the configuration chosen.You will find all the description and price of each product in SPECIAL PARTS,where all accessories can be purchased also separately.

Protection Grill Basic
COD. 1519Basic

For your off-road adventures and more challenging travels , you can not do without the headlight grill. Handmade in stainless steel treated with high strength epoxy powder coat, comes complete with everything needed for installation.
IMPORTANT Not approved for road use.

Front headlight BASIC
COD. 1513

Headlight with excellent yield including lamps and everything necessary for installation.

Tank stickers Marrakesh
COD. 1801

Couple of stickers protected with special UV film. They are modular in various ways.
and can be composed in various ways for a basic look or racing in the colors of the brand.
Compatible for the tanks of the K series but adaptable to different models.

Subframe Headlight Basic
COD. 1805

Made of steel treated with high resistance powder coating. It mounts easily and allows the housing of headlight BASIC, and the optional fairing Hubert (Cod. 1326.)
It is designed to accomodate the digital instrument (Cod. 1513 not included) as an alternative to the original dashboard.
The original key mechanism snaps perfectly into the support that we have provided.
Everything is ready for installation.
Distance of headlight bracket mm 203
NB: this product is not suitable for the K 1100 model

Digital Instrument Acewell
COD. 1514+1514Sensorkit

This kit enables the installation of the digital instrument to replace the original dashboard.
Comprising everything you need for mounting . Outer shell and ring in black. Measurements: diameter 73 mm - 41 mm height. Tachometer and speedometer up to 300 km / h; odometer partial and total time, maximum speed, travel time partial and total; LCD display with two lines and a digital bar graph for analog tachometer; LCD display with white LED blue; Storage of mileage and total mileage; Time display even when the unit is off; Setting wheel circumference suitable for all types of wheel (1-3999mm amplitude); A measurement of speed in miles or kilometers; Waterproof body; Turn signals, lights, oil pressure indicator, neutral and motor abnormalities; Fuel gauge in bar graphs. Included in the package: speed sensor with magnet; Mounting kit and custom brackets for the K-series; Wiring with  waterproof connections; Installation instructions and manual.

Relay K Serie

If you read the various online forums, they will tell you that the neutral on the K series does not work with an aftermarket digital intrument. This circuit was designed by us and serves for the correct operation of the neutral warning light. Recommended if you buy the digital instrument Acewell for your special based on the K series.
dimensions relais: 16 x 16 x 45 mm ( Neutral switch, start emulation, relay ) 

Kit turn signal Basic
COD. 1523

The Kit contains 4 turn signals with bulb and wiring included. The front turn signals also have an orange bulb on the back.

Fork Gaiters
COD. 1808

High quality rubber fork gaiters, protect the forks in off-road driving,
They will fit all K models.

Fork Protections in neopren
COD. 1812

These 2 protection tubes in neoprene with velcro strip allow you to safeguard the forks from damages and scratches. They are assembled in minutes without any disassembly of the fork.

Front fender Matt Black
COD. 1804MB

Special front fender made of composite reinforced with carbon fiber finished in Matt Black.
It comes ready for assembly with metal brackets for fastening to the fork.

COD. 1613Low

Steel made, fits on the original risers.
All cables (except brake cable) should not be replaced.
Handlebar width 78 cm.

Handlebar bumper
COD. 1619Brown
COD. 1619Black

Handlebar bumper in brown leather. It is very easy to install on any handlebar crossbar and protects the face in case of a crach.
Length 26cm, diameter 6cm.

Tank Side Panels K75/K100
COD. 1809

Tank side panels ,left and right painted MATT BLACK.
Complete with brackets for mounting can be mounted quickly on the original hole.

Side Panels
COD. 1810
Pair of side panels made of ABS specifically for the K series.
Completes the whole central area of the bike and fits perfectly along our fantatic saddle (cod in 1802.)
They fit very easily with the supplied supports and fixing screws, without drilling,welding or tampering the chassis.

Seat Leather, Canvas
COD. 1802Brown_Sand
COD. 1802Black_Black

Seat made of genuine high-quality leather with inserts in water-repellent canvas and handstitched in cotton thread.
The seat is very comfortable and has a base made in ABS, it is supplied with a mounting frame for models K75 and K100.
It can be quickly removed to access the underseat compartment. Total length 55cm.

Exhaust K75
COD. 1807_75+U021SX (K75)

Great exhaust in steel and terminal in TITANIUM with removable DB Killer.
Completely hand made and TIG welded.
It sets up in minutes and allows trouble-free use of the bike with a passenger on board.
Very light and sounds fantastic. giving your three-cylinder a new life!
Comes with homologation report.
NB: The  three in one manifold in the photos below is not included, it is the original K75.

Ohlins Suspension K series
COD. 1811
OHLINS Shock S 46
Dedicated to all K models, it allows you to raise the back of your bike.
Adjustable compression and rebound damping with variable from 378 mm to 386 mm.
Adjustable spring preload with millimetric ring. Great looks and performance.

Frame plate holder and light
COD. 1803

This frame allows you to shorten the back frame of the bike. With this single accessory you will be able to modify the back by giving it a fantastic clean look. The repositioning of the lisence plate and the rear light (homologated) are included. It mounts quickly and is fitted with special inserts that slide into the cut frame tubes; enabling a firm attachment to the frame without the use of a welder and of course ... without having to repaint.Can be used with the original rear fender or with a more classic aluminum fender.
Included in the kit: metal frame painted ,lighthouse with bulbs, license plate in aluminum with supports for our Basic turn signals Cod. 1523 (turn signals not included).
License plate size : mm 185 x 185
The following assembly instructions

Side Pannier Canvas + Subframe K Series
COD. U001BE_BR+1806 
COD. U001GR_BR+1806 
COD. U001BL_BR+1806 
COD. U001BL_BL+1806 

Bag made by hand in Italy in top quality waterproof rugged cotton. Treated in detail with leather trim 3 mm, simple and pure as the materials with which it was built. It attaches quickly to our subframe with the quick release system already included and mounted on the back of the bag, which is fitted with a lock to lock the bag onto the frame. Big enough to easily fit a 15" laptop, it is equipped with a large zipped pocket on the front for easy access to your phone and documents. Measurements: 32 cm Height (extendable in height up to 45 cm) width 24 cm depth 13 cm
Color :
Beige waxed canvas waterproof with brown leather trim
Black waxed canvas waterproof with brown  leather trim
Black waxed canvas waterproof with black leather trim
Green waxed canvas waterproof with brown leather trim

Waxed Suede Side Pannier + Subframe K Series 
COD. U002MG+1806 
COD. U002CB+1806 
COD. U002JB+1806 

Bag made by hand in Italy in top quality rugged split leather treated with wax to make it waterproof .
Treated in detail with leather trim 3 mm, simple and pure as the materials with which it was built.
It attaches quickly to our subframe with the quick release system already included and mounted on the back of the bag,
which is fitted with a lock to lock the bag onto the frame.
Big enough to easely fit a 15" laptop, it is equipped with a large zipped pocket on the front for easy acces to your phone and documents.
Measurements: 32 cm Hight, extendable in height up to 45 cm, width 24 cm depth 13 cm. (from 10 up to 14 liters)
Color : 
Waterproof waxed suede in Moss Grey with brown leather trim.
Waterproof waxed suede in Colorado Brown with brown leather trim.
Waterproof waxed suede in Jet Black with black leather trim.

Frame made of steel treated with a matt black epoxy. Specially designed for the K series (1983-1996), it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the bike. Ready to host our quick release system, beautiful and minimal even when the bag is not mounted. It comes complete with screws and can be mounted easily on the bike
NB: Can be used comfortably with a passenger on board


Toolbag made and hand-sewn in very strong raw cotton and leather. Reminiscent of the old R80 toolbags in size and shape; for your repairs in style.
N.B.: Tools not included

K 75 Marrakech

We thought of a kit that was easy to assemble, also usable with passenger.Even moore customizable and also reasonably cheap ... which is not easy when it comes to small exclusive series.
The result is fantastic, views dl live is even better than in pictures ... clean and simple with dedicated accessories: waxed canvas with leather bag with mounting frame, Ohlins properly calibrated and of longer length, end titanium exhaust all made ad- specifically for the K75 and the K100.Una range of accessories ready, interchangeable and available separately, to customize and personalize your K .

Choose the version you like.

We have taken care of every detail to make your nine K more personal but also more enjoyable.
Noble materials; English cotton waterproof top-quality, waxed leather finishes, steel, titanium.
A beautiful exhaust system, approved in two versions for the K75 and the K100.
All handcrafted and made in Italy.
Everything is ready for assembly, you just have to choose the color of the tank from your varnisher to make it more yours, Your Marrakesh!
Good Tuning !

Recommended tires:
FRONT Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 4.00-18 TT 64R M/C, rear tire, symbol M+S
REAR Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 130/80-17 TT 65S symbol M+S, rear tire, M/C

Unitgarage has no connection with the BMW brand and / or its distributors. All products with trademarks, names or identification codes of motorcycles are intended solely as a reference to the use of accessories of our production. Riff. art. 1a R.D. 21/06/1942 n. 929 et seq.

In order to offer you the best we constantly improve our product details. The images may refer to a previous version.


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