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Moto Guzzi V7 II

Kit Moto Guzzi V7 & V7II
Moto Guzzi V7 II
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Raised front fender support
Cod. 2201

You can fix them removing the original fender support. With these supports the fender gets up from the tread of the front wheel.

Tank belt with luggage rack GUZZI
Cod. 2203

The tank luggage rack is equivalent of a Scrambler. 
Made of steel with matt black epoxy finish, it is equipped with everything you need for installation. Our tank belt is fixed securely, so you can rest assured you won't damage the fuel tank. The Luggage Rack follows the profile of the fuel tank being curved longitudinally.

Side panels with aluminium plate
Cod. 2204

Couple of side panels with special inserts to fit the frame. On the right side is provided for the hole of the original lock key block.
Rounded tables in polished aluminum.

Fork protection in neoprene
Cod. 2205

To protect the fork legs riding off-road. They fit without disassembling the fork legs.

Complete exhaust V7 II
Cod. 2207

Fantastic exhaust entirely handcrafted. Made in stainless steel, it is supplied with heat protectors, spring bolts and fixing brackets on the frame.
Approved, removable DB killer.

Passenger grips
Cod. 2208

Replacing the original ones or mounting them on the models that do not have them as standard, the bike rises up in the back without having to replace the rear shock absorbers.

Cod. 2209

Steel handlebar ​​specifically made for the kit, fits on original riser, all cables (gas, brake, clutch and wiring) should not be replaced. Already prepared with holes to fix original commands blocks and inserts for housing of the original handlebar counterweights.

Footrest protection
Cod. 2210

They mount on the original ones and put the passenger footboard support in safety.

Cylinder head protection tube
Cod. 2211_02

Hand made steel cylinder protection tubes coated with high density powder coat,black color, that in addition to protecting the cylinder heads in case of a crash, give justice to your bike valuing the legendary V-twin engine. They fit very easily, everything you need is included.
In the package you will find the suitable screws for the model V7 II

Exhaust protection grill 
Cod.  2212

Muffler protection grids for collector manifolds cod. 2212.
Made of steel and painted with epoxy-coated matt black color, they are very beautiful mounted on our exhaust and protect pilot and passenger legs from burns.

Headlight protection tube
Cod. 1307Black

Made of steel with powder paint  finishing. It protects the front headlight.

Headlight protection grill 
Cod. 1519

Handcrafted in pure on / off style and treated with powder paint finish.

Fork gaiters
Cod. 1522

Fork gaiters kit, suitable for various models, easy to install.
Fork diameter: 39 mm.
Leg diameter: 45 mm.

Handlebar bumper
Cod. 1619Brown
Cod. 1619Black

Handlebar bumper in brown leather. It is very easy to install on any handlebar crossbar and protects the face in case of a crach.
Length 26cm, diameter 6cm.

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