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Kit Xrambler

Base Xrambler kit
Optional Kit Xrambler
Model of your R1200 R
Kit Xrambler
€ 3.656,00 + VAT
Kit R120 GS

The basic kit includes:
0 Box with video instructions + screws and brackets
1 Tank cover (available in Alpinewhite 1301 AW or unpainted , choose the option in the configurator)
2 Side panels
3 Front fender
4 Carter side
5 Rear fender with headlight approved
6 Short seat
7 Subframe headlight
8 Luggage Rack
9 leather bag with support
10 leather strap with stainless steel buckles
11 Aluminium number plate
12 Neoprene fork protectors (top)
13 Cover for rear frame
14 Tank belt

1 Tank cover
Cod. 1301 (not painted)

The cover is available in withe or unpainted, choose the option by clicking on the menu in the configurator.
Compatible with versions R1200 R 2006-2014.
Couple tank covers and MAT in special resin reinforced with carbon fiber, white finish ALPINEWHITE,  with graphics and protected by a transparent or unpainted so you can paint it as you wish. Give the bike a great vintage look reminiscent of the mythical versions 70 years.
Lightweight, fits very quickly, inserting the spacer supplied under the flange of the red color of the original fuel cap. It comes complete with holes, screws, grommets, bushings and rear bracket mounting.
The right side can be quickly removed for servicing the air filter.
The rear mounting bracket is provided with a slot for engagement in leather strap tank included in the kit.
On the sides of the tank there is an original logo, not supplied in the kit, the R1200 R that you can dismount from your bike or buy it at the official sales network (CODE 511147721222).
IMPORTANT 5 m above the 3 clips for coupling the cover 2 are the original of your motorcycle, it is added to the countersunk screws supplied M5 x 10mm high extent (do not use pointed screws M5

2 Side panels
Cod. 1303MB (MATT BLACK)

In the kit are proposed side panels painted in two colors or not painted, choose the color, click menù in the configurator.
Pair of lightweight side panels ,Matt Black color stickers Xrambler and  transparent finishing.
They are supplied complete with connections, grommets and screws are mounted without any modification to the bike.

3 Front fender
Cod. 1309MB (MATT BLACK)

Front fender is offered painted  in Matt Black color.
Mimics the lines of R 70. Equipped with the Black tube attachment to the fork.

4 Carter side
Cod. 1422MB

Lightweight, are proposed painted with matt black finish .
They are mounted on the special attacks and are supplied complete with inserts and screws.

5 Rear fender
Cod. 1305MB (MATT BLACK)

Lightweight rear fender finish MATT BLACK and transparent.
It is mounted very easily on the original attacks. Is complete of rear light, lamp and wiring compatible with the original plug, so do not require any intervention on the electrical system. Comes with screws and bracket.

6 Short seat
Cod. 1321B Short (BLACK)

Saddle made of synthetic leather printed radio frequency areas of the driver's seat, handcrafted stitching on the sides with cotton thread, aluminum finish in the pilot area
These saddles are made and designed for long journeys.
Complete frame that allows for mounting on the original attacks. It keeps the lock and then the same keys of the bike.

7 Subframe headlight
Cod. 1316_01 (from 2006 to 2010)
Cod. 1316_02 (from 2011 to 2014)

Made of treated steel with powder paints high-resistance (choose the year of your bike in the configurator).
It mounts easily and allows the housing of the headlight and cockpit original.
To mount the instrument panel with tachometer and tachograph must be removed and inserted into the holes 3 grommets on the original frame in plastic.

8 Luggage Rack
Cod. 1415

Sturdy rack made of treated steel with powder paint with high resistance
It mounts very easily and is ready for fitting the optional rear seat cod.1408 or bearings stuffed cod 1409
The rack is provided for the original logo, not supplied in the kit, can be purchased from the official sales network (CODE 511 147 721 222).

9 Leather bag with support
Cod. 122509_04+1416

Grain leather bag Dimensions: 160 x 220 mm, H 70
The transparent window in the front pocket allows use of the touch screen phone without taking it out.
Is hand made in Italy and crafted with sturdy nylon stitching
The support is made of steel allows , available both sides of the bike, so you can move the table on the left side or vice versa.

10 Leather strap with stainless shell buckles
Cod. 1417

Made of top grain leather with stainless steel buckles, is provided for securing the optional envelope toolbox cod 1409  or to schedule behind the bag that you prefer.

11 Aluminium number plate
Cod. 1418

This plastic plate Matt Black finish and number plate in aluminum can be mounted on both sides of the bike

12 Neoprene fork protectors (Top)
Cod. 1419

Protections fork legs in neoprene, they protect the stalks outputs terrain.
They fit without disassembling the fork by simply matching the Velcro sewn on the longitudinal edge.

13 Cover for rear frame
Cod. 1420MB (MATT BLACK)

Plastic cover Matt Black finish with transparent.
It mounts very simply on original hole, and allows you to cover the frame and the electrical system under the luggage rack.

14 Tank belt
Cod. 132509_02black

Tank belt made of top grain leather and sewn with nylon thread. Handmade in Italy.
Lets cover the junction of the tank cover and mount optional accessories.
All necessary parts for assembly are provided.

The KIT Xrambler comes complete with video assembly instructions, screws and accessories.

Some details have been deliberately kept from the original parts and must be removed from the original bike.
We reserve the right to make changes and improvements for the efficiency of the Kit.
Kit Xrambler of Unitarage convert the BMW R1200R roadster in aggressive scrambler, able even to venture on dirt roads  full throttle. It's a perfect Xrambler.
In the seat you feel the emotions typical of a scrambler bikes, easy and simple, which go perfectly with the round engine of the R1200R. The release is full, throttle response invites you to play with the gears and having fun on twisty routes even when the asphalt gives way to gravel .

After about three hours of editing the Xrambler comes to life, shaping its forms on those models R1200R 2006-2014 .

Details that recall the 70s. There are in fact the knee rubber bands on the tank to protect the paintwork. The rack is very sturdy, houses the number plate aluminum and a box of tools with which to disassemble half bike. But don't worry, this bike will not ever need, but the aesthetic make you crazy.
Every single detail is built with a carefully crafted unique. The fork legs have protective neoprene on top and cover with plastic on the bottom just like on the today's enduro. The fenders are made of plastic molds created ad hoc and black painted then covered by a matt transparent to make it durable, I wishing you to complete the bike with the fantastic Alpina tubeless spoked wheels .
The Xrambler comes from my personal search for the total bike and especially modular. Many details that are combined with the base of our Classic Kit for the R1200R already on sale on our website with the addition of tires on / off, short seat and hight muffler that makes it really a different bike, I 'm loving it.

The kit is completely reversible, so you will have the possibility to modify the bike at will without denying you the chance to come back.

The kit comes complete with a professional video that explains all stages of assembly. Everything is very easy and intuitive, you do not need either file or drill, is all ready to be mounted.

Of course, in addition to KIT Xrambler basis, you will have the ability to implement the R1200 R with other accessories, the Xrambler is fantastic, personalise it with the configurator and judge for yourself.

The base price is € 3.324,00 + VAT.

The kit is compatible with models R1200 R 2006-2014.

Unitgarage has no connection with the BMW brand and / or its distributors. All products with trademarks, names or acronyms of identification of motorcycles are considered only as a reference for the use of accessories of our production. Riff. art. 1a R.D. 21/06/1942 n. 929 and following.

In order to offer you the best we constantly improve our product details. The images may refer to a previous version.


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