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Luggage carrier

Luggage carrier

COD. 1569
€ 175.00
delivery costs not included

Models compatibility
Sturdy luggage carrier made of steel tubing and aluminum plate with anti-slip studs; finished with epoxy powder coat in high resistance matt black.
Much more compact than the original, you can shorten the tail and finish the frame at the back.
It is compatible with our seat cod.1521 and cod.1567 in various colors, with the plate holder high cod.1554 and with the rear frame loop cod.1552
N.B. This luggage carrier is indispensable to fit our seats since the original locking mechanisme of the seat (in the R1150R) and mounting bracket for the seat (in the R850R and R1100R) has to be fixed onto the luggage carrier.
Compatible with models: R850R-R1100R-R1150R

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