R120 Rallye Ride

boxer-twin four-stroke air cooled / oil, a tree overhead cam, four valves per cylinder, balancer and central bore x stroke 101mm x 73mm, 1170 cm3 displacement, compression ratio 11.0:1, power to electronic fuel injection in the intake pipe, management BMS-K

Clutch single plate dry clutch, gearbox six-speed gearbox with helical gearing, secondary transmission to drive shaft

into two parts-the front and rear sections, load-bearing engine-gearbox, back in its original configuration with KIT R120 G / S, wheelbase 1571mm, 2218mm total length

Marzocchi Shiver 50mm proto, plates and CNC machined from solid feet, 264mm travel, swingarm in aluminum alloy with Paralever, ohlins shock 220mm travel with preload adjustment knob for

Brakes and tires
Braking system: Front: double floating disk evo diam. 305mm, four-piston fixed calipers, rear Single disc diameter. 265 mm, floating caliper with two pistons. No ABS, no traction control! Continental Tyres TKC80

special components
KIT R120 G / S, front frame, Marzocchi Shiver 50mm forks, pins, plates and billet

ALPHINEWHITE white, blue dunkelblau, black MATT BLACK

colors saddle
orange, black

on request info@unitgarage.com
When I decided to leave for a trip Overland from Buenos Aires to New York, wandering on the internet, I found a R80 Kalahari in Germany, and after a short negotiation I got on a plane to Cologne and then drive it back home personally.
With a similar motion had been to India by land, about fifteen years ago and I thought perhaps longing to make the journey with the legendary R80.
But already during the return from Germany, I thought how it would be nice to have at the same time the feeling of driving the legendary GS, and the comforts of a modern 1200.
From these thoughts as I drove the Swiss Alps in the rain came the R120 Rallye Ride, which later gave birth to the kits R120 G / S.
Technical issues aside, the desire to create a means of ad hoc stimulated me a lot.
Starting from the concept of eliminating the Telelever front and mount a classical Marzocchi upside-down from 50 mm has been built necessarily a semi-frame ex-novo identical to that of the Off Ride, to be bolted to the engine block. Essential to obtain a canoe infulcrare where the two plates and billet steering fork. The GS1200 - Adventure or "normal" that is - has no real frame, but two structures, attached to the engine block that has a supporting function. We kept the back in the original configuration of which was then mounted the kit R120.
The result is surprising, really seems to drive a new generation of large R80. The bike has been assembled a few days before leaving, and without being tested has been sent by ship to Buenos Aires. During the long journey to New York has not the slightest technical problem.
The front (headlight, windshield and frame) that you see on the photos of the trip from Buenos Aires to New York and the gallery is just a prototype. Will be constructed identical to that of the kit (see in the picture as the initial), then with the possibility to mount the screens optional.

Fabio Marcaccini

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