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Pair of aluminium Panniers Atlas 47L+41L + Subframes for aluminum side panniers Atlas BMW R1300GS

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Pair of Panniers in natural Aluminium.  47L + 41L version (exhaust side)
We wanted classic, elegant and robust cases, with beautiful steel hinges and carefully considered details: created for adventure and resistant to all conditions. They can be fixed to any frame with a round tube with diameter of 18 mm thanks to the secure mounting system positioned on the back of the case, the connection automatically opens for easy assembly and disassembly from the sub frame, the internal lever is CNC machined from a solid aluminium. The lid is completely removable and can be opened on both sides. The inside is fitted with a series of anchor points, and an elastic cord is included to use as a support for: gloves, documents and small objects. The lid has a leather safety latch with detachable snap fasteners. The closing mechanism with key lock on each end of the case has a slot to attach an additional padlock. The inside of the case is fully lined with sturdy 2,5 mm neoprene for a soft and protective layer. The hinges, locks and all the details are electro-polished stainless steel, a high quality finish that you will not find in any similar product on the market. The corners are in sturdy ABS. Just like all the components of this case they can easily be replaced in the event of a fall. Our Alu cases are completely Made in Italy, assembled by hand one by one.

- The Atlas pannier 47L contains a full-face helmet
- Case body and lid in 1,5 mm thick high-strength aluminium alloy. Rear part reinforced in 3 mm.
- High quality stainless steel for locks, hinges, screws; micro shot peened and electro polished accessories.
- ABS corner bumpers replaceable in case of a fall.
- Dust protection caps for lock cylinders.
- Double sealing gasket on the lid and body.
- Finish: matt black.
- The case is symmetrical and can be mounted either on the right or left of the bike.
- If you buy a pair of aluminium panniers, or a pair + top case, it is possible to request the locking cylinders with matching keys for all cases.
- If you use our Aluminium cases on BMW models it is possible to unify the keys with those of the motorcycle by purchasing the lock mechanism that houses the original BMW lock cylinder Cod. AL7.

 dimensions: 2 x height 406 mm, width 445 mm depth 278 mm. 
volume: 1 x 47L + 1 x 41L
weight: 14,8kg

Frames made of stainless steel for BMW R1300GS
This complete set of frames made of stainless steel integrates perfectly with the rest of the bike. It is supplied complete with mounting kit and screws, no modifications to the motorbike are necessary. It can be mounted on the motorcycle in combination with our luggage racks (code: 4004) with original BMW accessories such as the luggage rack or the passenger handle.
They can be used comfortably with the passenger on board.

Matte black with episodic powder finish
Silver with micropeened and electropolished surface finish.

Stainless steel
Pipe diameter 18 mm
Tube thickness 2 mm

Compatible with BMW R1300GS ready to accommodate:
- the original BMW bags of the 1200 or 1250 models (OEM)
- our aluminum bags in different sizes (code: AL1C and AL2C)
- our 100% waterproof TPU soft bags (code: 2xUG002+AL0C)
- our soft bags (code: U203C and U204C)
- bag holder with adjustable front (code: U085+2xA9 and U103+2xA9)
- aluminum bag holder with adjustable Khali front in Hypalon (code: UG007+2xA9 and UG007BL+2xA9_BL)
- all aftermarket bags compatible with the original tube frames of the ADV BMW R 1200 LC or R 1250 LC model

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