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Pair of Tuareg 660 side panels Indaco Tagelmust

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Aprilia Touareg 660 side panels
The Aprilia Touareg is a bit bare in the rear area, which is why we have developed these accessories with dedicated graphics that reflect the original colors. Pair of very light side panels made of ABS. They are supplied painted to match the original colors or neutral in black ABS. They can be mounted very easily with the supplied screw kit on the existing side panels, they finish and complete the rear of the bike making it very attractive. On the left side they are designed for access to the saddle opening key.

Colors :
- black painting with Acid gold / Gray stickers + transparent matt finish
- black painting with Martian Red / Gray stickers + transparent matt finish
- Indigo painting with Indigo Tagelmust / White stickers + transparent matt finish
- neutral matt black ABS without stickers (stickers sold separately code: 3608)

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