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Front fender nineT Urban GS in aluminum

Front fender nineT Urban GS in aluminum

COD. 1633+2032
€ 179.00
delivery costs not included

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If you want to remove the front fairing and mount an aluminum fender on your Urban gs to make it more "Old school", we have thought of you too.
Complete kit of aluminum front fender + lowered headlight support for nineT Urban gs.
The Urban Gs has the headlight positioned higher than the other nineT and the headlight support is provided with the supports for the original fender, for this reason in this kit is also supplied low-headlight support.
Front fender in satinized aluminum with transparent finish, headlight support in aluminum and fender support in steel with epoxy powders matt black finish.
NB: The original Urban gs screen has to be removed and it is possible to implement the mudguard with one or two plastic extensions cod. 1627

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