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Kit nineT/7 Roadster Black

  • Code: 2911
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The nineT/7 Roadster kit will make your nineT an icon.

The comfort and handling of your motorbike will improve considerably. The tank is shorter to be able to move forward and load the front end better. You will no longer have the strange sensation of distance from the handlebars, the riding feeling changes for the better.
The tank is supplied painted and ready for assembly.

The kit includes:
1. nineT/7 tank (code:2902)
The tank cap and fuel pump remain the original ones of your motorbike, the reserve light will still work, you will not have to tamper with anything, the kit is completely reversible. The nylon tank is supplied painted complete with transparent stickers. (in the white version they must be purchased separately) The original activated carbon filter (canister) remains the original one. All supports for fixing the tank are supplied in the kit. The capacity is 18.5 litres, the nineT/7 Unit garage tank weighs 2 kg less than the original one.
NB: TÜV approved
- Karakum Saddle tank coupling pocket: Object holder pocket created for a perfect coupling between our tanks for the nineT models, and all the saddles that are mounted with the original tank. In addition to being very beautiful and stylish... it is also convenient for small objects such as keys, telepass, gate openers or coins. Hand-stitched in Italy with top quality leather, it is supplied complete with fixing bracket
Available in two colors: Black with gray stitching - Brown with green stitching

2. Fork protection with Velcro (code:1612Velcro)
These 4 neoprene protectors with Velcro allow you to safeguard the fork sliders and make the nineT fork black in a simple and economical way. They can be assembled in a few minutes and it is not necessary to dismantle the fork.

3. Low license plate holder (code:1610)
Made of steel tube with matt black epoxy powder finish complete with aluminum license plate holder with supports for original or aftermarket indicators (indicators not included.) It is supplied with LED license plate light. The wiring extension for the headlight and indicators is included, the wire passes inside the tube. License plate holder dimensions: 187 x 187 mm
It is fixed to the telelever and allows you to significantly modify the character and style of the motorbike. To fix the original headlight under the saddle you will also need the rear light support plate code 1604.
NB: The low license plate holder is not compatible with aluminum bag frames with rear crossbar.

4. nineT screen (code:1624)
Made of flexible and resistant material, despite its small size, it offers excellent shelter from the wind while maintaining a minimal design. Comes complete with stand and hardware, ready for easy assembly. It integrates perfectly with the original instrumentation of the motorcycle and improves riding comfort.

5. Low muffler (code:1611Low)
For the nineT we wanted a special exhaust, but one that was ideal for road use! Titanium muffler and stainless steel fitting worked entirely by hand, in perfect moto gp style. It weighs approximately 3.4 kg less than the original one and has the removable DB-Killer. It is easily mounted in a few minutes on the original anti-vibration mount with the passenger frame mounted. If, however, you want to remove the passenger frame and make the rear really aggressive, you will have to purchase our support code "1611 low supp". The sound will drive you crazy and the delivery... too!
NB: Homologation report is provided.*
*Customers of Swiss nationality can request an additional document for approval from The document is issued by the Swiss approval body and requires a fee.

6. Low exhaust support (code:1611supplow)
This mount allows the mounting of our low exhaust without the rear passenger frame. Made of steel with a matt black epoxy powder finish, ready for assembly. The anti-vibration rubber must be removed from the original frame and simply inserted into our support

7. Roadster tail + Tail tidy NineT (code:1699)
When BMW designed the nineT Roadster, it designed the rear part to be completely removable, not only the passenger frame but also the passenger seat. Now you can transform your nineT Roarster into a real Roadster! It reflects the lines of the motorbike, fantastic both with our tanks and with the original one. Made of two ABS half-shells with an internal steel structure painted with epoxy powders. Supplied with a CNC aluminum insert, black anodized, it replaces the indicators and the original headlight. It is supplied already wired and ready for assembly with plugs compatible with the OEM electrical system. Can be mounted on nineT Roadster models of any year of production. (EURO 3-4-5) The integrated LED strip is illuminated in red, which increases in intensity when the brakes are activated (stop light) and changes color to orange at the ends when the direction indicators are activated (see video). Complete with everything needed for assembly and instructions. Supplied painted or neutral (paint it with the colors of your motorbike!) Perfect if mounted in combination with our accessories.
NB: compatible only with R Nine T Roadster (it is necessary to remove the passenger frame and the rear frame). By removing the rear frame with this accessory it is not possible to mount side bag frames.

8. Pair of stainless steel intake manifold covers (code: 1681inox)
Pair of satin stainless steel intake manifold covers, right and left, with Unit garage logo. They can be assembled quickly without dismantling anything, just press them onto the original rubber tubes. Suitable for all air boxer engines produced from 2004 to today.

9. NineT radiator protection (code:1635)
Aluminum grille for nineT oil radiator protection. The oil cooler of your nineT is in a very exposed position and the front wheel raises stones on the delicate cooling fins. Very useful for preventing breakages, it is also very beautiful and "racing". Easy to assemble, it is supplied complete with vibration dampers. Anodized black or aluminum finish.

10. NineT airbox side covers (code:1649)
If you don't like exposed drums, we've created these fantastic side panels. Sold in pairs, they are molded in ABS, with a matt black and transparent finish and are supplied complete with fixing brackets, screws and vibration dampers. It is not necessary to drill or modify anything, the fixing points are not visible, the result is very elegant and fits perfectly with the style of your nineT. They are compatible with our cover codes. 1681
NB: they can be mounted on all years of production and on all nineT models.

11. nineT Heavy Duty Roadster crash bar (code:1691_)
This model with connecting crossbar was specifically created for nineT Roadster models built from 2013 to 2016

If you want to best protect your boxer this is the bar you need. With double side protection tube   it is very protective in the event of a fall and integrates perfectly with the R nineT frame. Made of steel with 25 mm tube, 2 mm thick, treated with high-resistance powder paints. Most maintenance work can be performed without dismantling the boom. Very beautiful and elegant, they perfectly define the lines of the motorbike. Everything you need is supplied including assembly instructions.
NB: Compatible with aftermarket or OEM cylinder head covers and protectors. Compatible with all nineT Roadster models built from 2013 to 2016

12. NineT Roadster rear fender (code:1697R)
Aluminum rear mudguard, in perfect "old school" style. It is equipped with a steel tube for fixing to the paralever, with a black epoxy powder finish. Completes the rear and limits water splashes from the wheel. The mudguard is supplied undrilled, complete with everything needed for assembly and related instructions. Available satin with transparent or matt black finish.
Width mm180

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