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Kit Complete Fuoriluogo

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The Fuoriluogo KIT will transform your Ducati Scrambler into a go-anywhere machine.
The bike becomes more 'off' and less 'on'. It is easier to ride because it has a shorter tank which allows a better riding position. You can get up to six centimetres [2.3 inches] closer to the handlebars. You will no longer have that strange detachment form the handlebars, the handling and feeling greatly improve.
The parts of the kit are supplied painted, complete with graphics under clear coat and ready for assembly. They are also available unpainted, if you want to paint them to your own design. In a few hours your scrambler will become a great custom, without having to tamper with any original part, the kit is completely reversible.
Good tuning!

The complete kit includes:
0 Box with video assembly instructions + screws and brackets
1 Tank (available in three colours, and unpainted, choose the colour in the configurator)
2 Seat
3 Passenger Bag / Seat (available in Sky or canvas, choose the material in the configurator)
4 Pair of side panels 
5 High exhaust
7 Knee pads stickers
8 Rear frame cover
9 Side luggage rack
11 Toolbox
12 Canvas tool bag

1. Ducati Fuoriluogo tank:
Cod: 2702YE (Yellow) - 2702GR (Dark gray) - 2702BLU (Blue) - 2702UP (Unpainted)

The parts of the kit are supplied painted, complete with graphics under clear coat and ready for assembly. They are also available unpainted, if you want to paint them to your own design. The shorter fuel tank allows a better riding position. You can get up to six centimetres [2.3 inches] closer to the handlebars. Essential for off-road riding ... and even better on the road. Its lines and colours recall the "regolarità" motorcycles of the seventies / eighties. The fuel cap and fuel pump remain the original ones from your motorcycle, the reserve warning light will still work, you won't have to tamper with anything, the kit is completely reversible. The plastic tank (Nylon) is supplied painted with stickers under clear coat or neutral to paint it as you prefer.
The original activated carbon filter (canister) remains the original one. All the supports and anti-vibration mountings for the tank are provided in the kit.
Starting with the 2020 model, the fuel tank remains compatible but the fuel level sensor must be removed.
Colours: Yellow, Dark grey, Blue, Unpainted.
Capacity in litres: same as the original.

2. Seat:

The seat is made with a plastic base, high quality foam and a radiofrequency printed cover. To complete the rear frame an ABS cover is included. The extra space behind the seat is great for increasing luggage options when travelling alone. The comfortable seat can be used by a pilot and a passenger. The locking mechanism is re-used, so you can continue to operate the key of your motorcycle to unlock the seat. Total length of the seat is 50 cm (which can be increased to 72 cm with the addition of the passenger seat).

3. Passenger Bag/Seat:

Passenger Bag/seat in sky. The seat is divided into two parts, and has a dual purpose. It can be used for two-up touring, because there’s a cushion inside the rear section. But the cushion can also be removed if you’re traveling alone, releasing a little extra space for small essentials.

4. Pair of side panels

The side panels are moulded in ABS. They are supplied painted or unpainted complete with fixing brackets for screws and antivibration, they are assembled in a few minutes.

5. High exhaust

For the Ducati Scrambler we wanted a special exhaust, something unique ... and we think we have succeeded! Stainless steel exhaust with titanium muffler and carbon fibre protection entirely handmade, in perfect GP style. It weighs 5,450 kg less than the original and has a removable DB-Killer. Mounts easily without making changes to the bike. Reminiscent of the high exhaust in the 70s, and besides being beautiful it performs very well. Designed for the "Fuoriluogo" kit, it is also mounted on the original bike. The sound will drive you crazy and the power delivery ... too!

7. Knee pads stickers

Pair of knee protection stickers Fuoriluogo kit
They are deliberately applied on the transparent varnish in order not to damage the paint in off-road use.

8. Rear frame cover

Frame cover made of ABS. This moulded plastic cover will allow you to cover the rear frame and have a larger loading area for accommodating soft bags, spare tires, etc ... when traveling alone, or in your off-road adventures.

9. Side luggage rack with passenger grip

Side rack for the Fuoriluogo Kit made of steel tube with matt black epoxy powder coat. Completes the back and is also great as a passenger grip. It is very easily fix to the frame, and is perfect for attaching a tool bag. NB: the 2 leather straps for attaching objects to the luggage rack are not included and can be purchased separately (available in black or brown).

11. Toolbox

When we prepared our bikes for the Paris Dakar, there was never enough space for small tools or spare parts, all the available space had to be taken advantage of and was vital. So when we eliminated the original exhaust on the Scrambler we decided to use the space underneath the swingarm where the catalyst used to be for this beautiful toolbox. Made of special resin and MAT, with carbon fibre reinforcements. Lightweight and finished in matte black. It mounts very quickly and comes with screws, rubber pads, and fixing brackets. The front cover has a quick-release to access the interior.
Capacity: 1 kg
NB: Toolbox designed for use with a high exhaust. Removal of the original Catalytic converter is necessary.

12. Canvas tool bag
Cod .: U004BL_BL

Tool bag made and sewn by hand in cotton and leather. Reminiscent of the old tool bags in size and shape; for your repairs in style. Measurements: open 20x36 cm rolled 20x10 cm
NB: Tools not included

NB: The KIt is compatible with all Ducati scrambler models, it comes complete with everything needed for assembly. Video instructions included.

To offer you the best we constantly improve our products in detail. Images may refer to a previous version.

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