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Kit NineT PARIS DAKAR GR86 with accessoires

Kit NineT PARIS DAKAR GR86 with accessoires

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The Kit NineT PARIS DAKAR GR86 with accessoires that will make your nineT iconic. 

The comfort and rideability of your bike will greatly improve. The tank is shorter to allow you to get closer to the handlebars and load the front better. You will no longer have the strange distant feeling from the handlebars, but feel increased control over the bike. All parts in the Kit are painted, complete with graphics under clear coat and ready to be assembled.


Tank: The fuel tank in Nylon re-uses the original fuel cap and fuel pump of your original bike, the reserve light will still work, and you will not have to tamper with anything, the kit is completely reversible. The fueltank comes in the Light white of the Urban GS and Red. The original active coal filter (canister) remains the same of your original bike. All mounting brackets are supplied in the kit. The capacity is 22.5 litres, which if we calculate an average consumption of 17.7 km/litre will allow a range of 400 km ... more than enough to travel around the world! NB: TÜV approved

Seat: The seat is divided into two parts. The rear seat of the passenger can be removed quickly using the original key provided with the bike. This allows you to carry a considerable amount of luggage when you travel alone. Seat height: 850mm (the same as the original Urban GS seat)

Side panels: Made in ABS with a White/Red finish and graphics under a clear coat. Comes complete with mounting brackets, screws and anti-vibration wellnuts.

Ppassenger grip

Made of steel with a matt black epoxy finish. If you do not want to lose your girlfriend ... you need this accessory! Besides being very useful for the passenger it really completes the back of the bike. Can be mounted with the original dual seat or with our biposto seat, It can also be used to attach straps when carrying bags. NB: It is compatible with the original BMW frame for the side pannier. Mounts on all nineT models. ​

Rear Luggage Bag in grain leather nineT

Rear Luggage Bag in grain leather with nylon thread hand madein Italy. For all model.
Size: mm 200 x 280, H 150. All the parts necessary for assembly are included. 

Headlight protection Grill

It was not easy to build a headlight gril for the nineT. We wanted a clean and minimalistic gril ... and I would say that we did it! Available in black or natural steel, can be fitted in a couple of minutes without having to tamper with any of the original parts of the bike and can be removed at will. NB: not approved for road use; pictured headlight mounting ring has been repainted black; black ring not included.

Windshield Fenouil+front fender

The nineT Scrambler and the nineT Pure have the front headlight positioned lower than the nineT Urban GS. With this kit you can restyle the front, making it very aggressive and at the same time having a windshield and a hight mudguard. Reminisent of the look of the legendary R80 GS PD adapted and revised for the R nine T series. Complete kit with raised headlight support in aluminium, front fender and windshield made in ABS. finished with transparent top coat and available in 4 colors: Red, Matt Black, Alpine White and Urban GS Light White. They mount without any modifications to the bike. It has good wind protection and comes complete with instructions, screws, and mounting brackets.

Engine protection crash bars nineT

These crash bars integrate seamlessly with the frame of the R nineT , and offer very good protection when the bike is dropped.  Made in treated steel with high resistance powder coat. Easy to install, it comes complete with distance bushings and screws. The majority of the maintenance work can be performed without disassembly of the bars.

Rear fender with license plate kit

ABS rear fender, complete with everything needed for assembly. It fits perfectly with the design of the bike. It can also be mounted with the original saddle, with or without passenger frame. Specially developed aluminum license plate holder included, with integrated LED light. (see photo). Completely modular, the license plate support or the indicator supports are included but can be disassembled if you want to position the arrows or the plate in another way, for example with the low license plate holder Cod. 1610. The electrical wiring is plug and play, all electrical connections are made with connectors that do not require soldering or modifications of the original wiring. Stainless steel screw kit included. Available in various colors and unpainted.

Handlebar bumper black

Handlebar bumper in black leather. It is very easy to install on any handlebar crossbar and protects the face in case of a crach. Length 26cm, diameter 6cm.
Handlebar ends
Pair of CNC machined handlebar ends with glossy black anodized finish with the Unit garage logo. The two M12 fastening screws are included.

Handlebar nineT Ergo

For the nineT we wanted "Old School" handlebars with a constant diameter (22mm). These handlebars give your nineT an agressive look but with a more comfortable riding possition. Made of steel with powder coated matte black finish, it comes pre-drilled with everything you need to mount it on the original risers and fit the original controls. It does not require any modifications to cables or brake lines. NB: The 1613 Ergo handlebar is as high as the original OEM but with a more comfortable fold (see measures in the immages) Compatible with heated grips.

Luggage rack base plate

NineT Paris Dakar aluminum base rack with epoxy powder matt black finish. This plate, created for the nineT Paris Dakar kit, is fixed to the rear frame of the bike, to widen the load platform when removing the passenger seat. It can be mounted with the rack carrier cod 2014: it comes complete with fixing screws and anti-slip rubber. Perfect to accommodate our classic leather bag cod 122509_01 or the Duffle bag U013 and U015.

High pipe 1:2:1 nineT Scrambler

For the nine T Scrambler we wanted a special exhaust, but also perfect for road use! Steel connector with titanium silencer entirely handmade,in perfect moto gp style. It weighs about 2,8 kg lighter than the original and has a removable DB-Killer. It easily mounts onto the original mount from the passenger frame. If you want to remove the passenger frame and make the rear really aggressive, you'll have to purchase the original BMW subframe code 77118358245 . The sound will make you crazy and the power ... also! NB: Full Homologation Report included.


Toolbag made and hand-sewn in very strong raw cotton and leather. Reminiscent of the old R80 toolbags in size and shape; for your repairs in style. Measures: open cm 20x36 rolled cm 20x10. N.B.: Tools not included

Compatible with all nineT models, it comes complete with everything needed for assembly. Video instructions included.

The kit nineT Paris Dakar GR86 will take you far.... to where your dreams will carry you! 

To offer you the best we constantly improve our products details. Images may refer to a previous version.

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