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R120 G/S ADV Basic Kit

  • Code: 1246
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Models compatibility
NB The kit is compatible with R1200 GS models from 2004 to 2012. It is possible to mount the R120 G/S Kit on the Adventure model only by replacing the original plastic tank with the original one of the R1200 GS model.

120 G/S ADV Basic Kit
The R120 GS Kit is now also offered in the BASIC version. The front is much more minimal and the radiator is positioned in front of the engine. The bike becomes very basic and light, beautiful without the fairing or alternatively with the fairings code 1236 or code 1575. NB: not compatible with high fender or Fenouil windshield.

Cod. 1245_04_07 (MATT BLACK)

Cod. 1245_08_12 (MATT BLACK)
The KIT R120 G/S Basic marks a return to the origins of the G/S while maintaining the comfort and driveability of your bike. The parts of the replacement kit weigh 6.4 kg less than the original ones and four come from components that on the standard GS are in front of the handlebar. This is why the GS kittata is more manageable than the production model, both in the city and in the mixed. After about 4 hours of assembling the KIT R120 G/S you will have revolutionized the look of your bike making it unique, without changing anything of the original parts. The kit is compatible with all R1200 GS models from 2004 to 2012. At any time you will be able to restore your bike to its original configuration. Naturally, in addition to the basic KIT R120 G/S, you will have the possibility to implement the R120 G/S with other accessories visible in SPECIAL PARTS. The motorcycle in R120 G / S configuration can be equipped with original ADV aluminum cases with metal frame, or by purchasing our case frames code 1220 you can mount the classic original Vario plastic cases (see configurator). Equipped with Tkc or Karoo tires, it will not find obstacles even off road, also because the precious original parts are safe in your garage. The R120 G/S becomes a fantastic replica of the 80's GS or an elegant scrambler according to your tastes.

The basic kit includes:

0 Box with video assembly instructions + screws and supports
1 Tank cover (available in two colors, choose the color in the configurator)
2 Matt Black seat
3 Matt Black side panels
4 Matt Black rear fender
5 Side covers
6 Handlebar risers
8 Headlight Basic
9 Subframe headlight Basic
10 Supports the fuel tank
11 Tubes Oil Kitcode 1231
12 Rack

1. Tank cover

The kit offers the cover in two colors, choose the color by clicking on the photo in the configurator. Compatible with R1200 GS versions from 2004 to 2012 (indicate the year of your bike in the configurator). Pair of tank covers in special resin and MAT with carbon fiber reinforcements, ALPINEWHITE white finish, graphics and transparent protection. They give the bike a fantastic vintage look reminiscent of the legendary PD version. Very light, it mounts very quickly, it is supplied painted with original colors, complete with holes, screws, rubber pads, rear fixing bracket and turned bushings for front fixing. The right side panel can be quickly removed to carry out maintenance on the air filter. The rear fixing bracket has a slot for attaching the tank bag. On the sides of the tank there is an original R1200 GS logo that can be removed from your bike or purchased from the official spare parts sales network.
NB the 3 m 5 upper clips for the coupling of the 2 covers are the original ones of your motorcycle, in which the supplied button screws are inserted, measuring M5 x mm12 (do not use original M5 pointed screws because they can compromise the integrity of the tank) .

2. Saddle
Cod.1221B (BLACK)

Seat made of radio frequency printed synthetic leather in the rider's seating areas, hand stitching on the sides with cotton thread. These saddles are made and designed to face long journeys. Complete with frame that allows mounting on original attachments. It keeps the lock and therefore the same keys as the bike.

3. Side panels

Pair of very light side panels complete with R120 G/S stickers, MATT BLACK and transparent finish. They are supplied with attachments, rubbers and screws, they are mounted without any modification to the bike. In order not to damage the painting of the frame, a transparent adhesive plastic is provided. They are designed to accommodate ADV bag frames and our original Vario plastic bag supports.

4. Rear fender
Cod.1205MBF (MATT BLACK, with holes for suitcase frames)

Very light rear fender with MATT BLACK finish, and transparent. It mounts very simply on the original bindings. It is complete with rear light with lamp and wiring compatible with the original plug, so it does not require any intervention on the electrical system. Comes with grommets for arrows cables and screws. The original Vario plastic case holder attachments cannot be mounted on the KIT R120 G/S, it is possible to mount the original Vario plastic cases by purchasing our supports COD. 1220 in SPECIAL PARTS. On the rear fender there is an original R1200 GS logo (not supplied in the kit) which can be purchased from the official spare parts sales network (Code 51147721222).

5. Side cover
Code 1226

Very light, they are offered with an aluminum color paint with a matte finish. They are mounted on the original attachments and are complete with inserts and fixing screws.

6. Handlebar risers
Cod. 122504_07 (2004-2007)
Cod. 122508_12 (2008-2012)

Special handlebar risers designed and made by us by CNC, machined from solid aluminum alloy with aluminum anodizing finish. Easy to mount on the original housing, they make it possible to mount the Basic headlight frame. With these risers the position of the handlebars and the top of the risers remain the original ones.

8. Headlight Basic
Cod. 1513
Homologated headlight, with excellent performance, including lamps and everything necessary for assembly.

9. Headlight frame Basic
Code 1505
Made of steel treated with high resistance powder paints. It mounts easily on riser Cod. 1225 08/12 and allows the housing of the BASIC headlight, and of the optional Hubert Cod. 1326 fairings. In this version there is no support for the high mudguard but the instruments can remain in place. originals. It is designed for mounting BASIC indicators.

10. Fuel tank supports
Code 1214 04/07
Cod. 1214 08/12

These sturdy supports allow you to remove the original headlight frame + radiator + fuel tank fixing. They fit into the same attachments as the removed subframe and are ready to house the original rubber pads of your R1200 GS. They are made of steel and finished with high strength powder paints.

11. R1200GS low radiator kit
Code 1231

This kit allows the original radiator to be moved from under the headlight to the front of the engine. Composed of everything you need, rubber hoses, fittings, clamps and new radiator brackets, perfect for your special on a Gs 1200 base, or to have a more basic bike on our R120G/S kits. If you want you can keep the original crash bar in tube, it is compatible with this kit.

12. Roof rack
Code 1215

Luggage rack made of steel treated with high resistance powder paints. It mounts very easily using the aluminum spacers and the original screws. It is equipped with practical handles for the passenger.

NB The R120 G/S KIT is supplied complete with ASSEMBLY VIDEO , screws and accessories. Some details have been deliberately kept original and must be removed from your bike. We reserve the right to make any changes to improve the efficiency of the Kit.

To offer you the best we are constantly improving our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version.

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