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R120 G/S R Kit 40th (2004-2012)

  • Code: 1247BY
€ 2.035,00 + VAT
Models compatibility
IMPORTANT: The kit is compatible with the R1200 GS R models from 2004 to 2012. And 'possible to mount the kit on the Adventure model only by replacing the original plastic container with the original model R1200 GS R.

Kit 120 G/S R

Cod. 1247BY_04_07 (BLACK - YELLOW 40th)
Cod. 1247BY_08_12 (BLACK - YELLOW 40th)

The KIT R120 G/S R marks a return to the origins of the G/S while maintaining the comfort and handling of your bike. After about 2 hours of editing KIT R120 G/S R you'll have revolutionized the look of your bike very easily, without changing anything of the original parts . In this version you will not have to replace the headlight , radiator and oil to the windshield . The kit is compatible with all models R1200 GS 2004-2012 . At any time you can restore your bike in the original configuration. Of course, in addition to KIT R120 G/S R basis, you will have the ability to implement with other accessories also visible in SPECIAL PARTS . The bike in R120 G/S R can be equipped with the original ADV aluminum suitcases with metal frame, or by buying our frames suitcases cod.1220 you can mount the classic Vario original plastic (see the configurator ). Equipped with tires TKC or Karoo, will not find even off-road obstacles, because the precious original parts are safe in your garage.

The basic kit includes:
0  Box with video instructions + screws and brackets
1  Tank Cover
2  Seat (available standard or low, in different colours, choose the option in the configurator)
3  Side panels
4  Rear fender
5  Rack
6  Side cover
7  Tank belt in grain leather

1. Tank Cover
Code 1201BL (BLACK)
Compatible with versions R1200 GS from 2004 to 2012 (indicate the year of your bike in the configurator). Pair tank covers in special resin and MAT with carbon fiber reinforcements, colour BLACK, graphics and transparent protection. Give to the bike a great vintage look reminiscent of the mythical PD version. Lightweight, fits very fast, comes painted with original colours, complete of holes, screws, grommets and mounting bracket. The right side can be quickly removed to make service of air filter. The rear bracket mounting is provided with a slot for engagement tank bag. On the sides of the tank there is place to fit the original logo of the R1200 GS that you can remove from your bike or buy from the sales of spare parts Journal. IMPORTANT the 3 clips for coupling the cover 2 are the original of your bike, where you fit the button screw supplied measure M5 x 12 mm (do not use pointed screws M5 original because it can compromise the integrity of the tank).

2. Seat
Cod. 1221BY (BLACK-YELLOW 40th)
The kit is proposed with standard seat or lowered in different colours, choose it in the configurator. The height from the ground with low seat is 82.00 cm. With the special shape of our saddle, which is closer and more rounded than the original one, the legs are not spread apart, allowing a better support of the feet on the ground. Seat made ​​of synthetic leather printed radio frequency areas of the driver's area, handcrafted stitching on the sides with cotton thread. These saddles are made and designed for long journeys. Complete with frames that allows for mounting on the original attacks. It keeps the lock and then the same keys of the bike.

3. Side panels
Cod. 1203MB (MATT BLACK)

Pair of lightweight side panels, complete with stickers R120 G/S, MATT BLACK color and transparent. They come with attachments, grommets and screws, can be mounted without any modifications to the bike. To avoid damaging the painting of the frame is provided with a transparent plastic adhesive. Are planned to house the ADV frame bags and our support for the original plastic bags Vario.

4. Rear Fender with lamp
Cod. 1205MBF (MATT BLACK, with holes for suitcases)

Lightweight rear fender finish MATT BLACK color and transparent. It mounts very easily on the original attacks. And comes complete with lamp and tail light wiring compatible with the original plug, so do not require any intervention on the electrical system. Comes with grommets for cable bolts and screws. The original attacs Vario plastic can not be mounted on KIT R120 GS, the plastic bags Vario can be mounted only buying our frame Code 1220. The rear fender is provided for original logo R1200 GS (Code 51147721222), which can be purchased from the dealership BMW.

5. Rack
Cod. 1215

Luggage rack made of steel with high resistance powder coatings. It mounts very easily, it employs the aluminum spacers and the original screws. And provided with convenient handles for the passenger.

6. Side cover
Cod. 1226

Lightweight, painted white aluminum with a matte finish. They can mount on original attacks and come complete with inserts and screws.

7. Tank belt in grain leather
Cod. 122509_02 (2004-2007)
Cod. 122509_03 (2008-2012)

Tank belt in grain leather with nylon thread hand made in Italy. Allows you to cover the junction of the tank cover and mount our optional accessories. All the parts necessary for assembly are included.

The KIT R120 G/S R is supplied complete with VIDEO ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS, screws and accessories.  
Some details have been deliberately kept from the original parts and must be removed from the original bike. We reserve the right to make changes and improvements for the efficiency of the Kit.

In order to offer you the best we constantly improve our product details. The images may refer to a previous version.

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