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Set back handlebar risers for Ducati DesertX

  • Code: 3909
€ 245,00 + VAT
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Set back handlebar risers for Ducati DesertX with provision for GPS support.
Special handlebar risers designed and CNC manufactured by us, machined from solid aluminum alloy with Silver finish. Easy to fit on the original housings, they change the riding position of your Ducati. Thanks to the offset hole, the handlebar can be moved back or forward by 10 mm from its original position. By mounting them back, the handlebars get closer to the saddle and the riding position is much more comfortable, especially on long journeys. By mounting them forward, it improves control in standing driving, especially off-road. They can also be combined with the code 3904 risers for maximum comfort: if you fit code 3904 and code 3909, the handlebar moves 10 mm further back and 20 mm higher than in the original configuration. Very quickly you will have a more relaxed, upright and long-distance riding position. There is no need to replace or lengthen any cables, the kit comes complete with mounting screws and instructions. These risers in the lower part are designed for fixing the GPS support code 3910 (sold separately).

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