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Black Ducati DesertX Titanium exhaust

  • Code: 3908_BL
€ 568,00 + VAT
Models compatibility
UNIT garage Exhaust system Ducati DesertX.
Performance and lightness: for the Ducati DesertX we wanted a refined and elegant exhaust that was also powerful and light. Deep sound throughout the power curve and great weight savings. Approved silencer made of titanium with visible welding in perfect Rally Raid style. It weighs only 1.9 kg and has a removable DB-Killer. It is easily mounted without making any modifications to the bike
It can be mounted on the original collectors leaving the stock catalyst or in combination with our racing collectors code 3907.
The plastic protection is replaced with a titanium one that is much more racing and lighter.
It does not need to remap the ECU, it is compatible with all original or aftermarket cases. The sound will drive you crazy and the delivery... too!

Colour: body in matt black painted titanium, manifold and natural stainless steel bottom with visible welding. Titanium protection.

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