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BMW R1300GS exhaust valve excluder kit

  • Code: U092
€ 50,00 + VAT
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Exhaust valve excluder kit for BMW R1300GS
If you want to eliminate valve closure simply and economically, this microprocessor guarantees optimal operation and is compatible with the BMW R1300GS exhaust system. By assembling the kit , the exhaust valve locks in the open position and the increase in power is notable. Sturdy and water resistant, it is very small, weighing only 24 grams (footprint 30x20x13 mm). Easy to install (plug-n-play) it is equipped with connectors compatible with the original ones of the motorbike, there is no need to tamper with anything and you can always eliminate and restore the original configuration.
By fitting this device, error lights will NOT come on on the dashboard.

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