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Digital instrumentation with support 80mm

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Models compatibility
This kit allows the assembly of the 80mm digital instrument in replacement of the original dashboard of the K. Consisting of everything necessary for assembly. Computer with body and black bezel diameter 80 mm.
  • Analog display with speed pointer up to 399.9 km/h
  • Circumference of 80mm
  • Displays important settings such as engine speed, gear indication, speed, temperature indication and trip odometer always in view
  • Digital display with black background and white numbers (excellent readability even in sunlight) and with the following functions:
    • TRIP 1 + 2 + 3 (12) partial odometer for displaying the km traveled in reserve
    • Adjustable total mileage
    • Digital tachometer display up to 19,900 U/min
    • Display of average and maximum speed
    • Temperature - storage of the maximum temperature reached
    • Gear indicator
    • Fuel gauge
    • Clock
    • Voltmeter
    • Driving time
    • Hour meter
    • Adjustable shift warning via LED
      • The gear display is calculated using engine speed and speed. It can be turned OFF
      • The shift LED is included in the dial and lights up red once the set value has been exceeded
      • The scroll function of the second line of the display is adjustable from 1-20 seconds or OFF
      • 6 LED lights
      • 6 additional LCDs (S - side stand warning function)
      • Gear engaged, Neutral + (reverse for Quad/ATV) settable to OFF
      • Bar graph display for detecting oil or water temperature with overheating warning functionality. Temperature sensor M10x1.0 included
      • Digital tachometer display up to 19,900 U/min
      • Adjustable tank resistance range from 0 to 990 ohms, or set to OFF
      • Battery voltage and setting from 11.0 to 15.0 Volts
      • The reminder function can be entered in Km or hours
      • Allows the user to adjust the odometer before 30 km, once exceeded they will be saved in the memory without the possibility of changing them
      • Universal wheel circumference setting: 1-3999mm
      • Possible decrease in speed compared to the original sensor
      • Final speed display can be set with or without decimal numbers
      • The backlighting of the dial and the LCD displays can be set to 5 different lighting intensities
      • IP 67 waterproof, anti-vibration structure and noise immunity (8G vibration and 100G shock test)
      • E certification
Mounting kit that also includes the wheel and fork fixing brackets, created ad hoc for the K series; Wiring with watertight waterproof connections; assembly instructions and manual.

NB: This tool is universal, it is not produced for a specific model. In addition to the Acewell instructions, you will find our instructions dedicated to the various models which facilitate assembly. For this type of product it is necessary to go to a professional, because it is not possible to provide online assistance for assembly.

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