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Cooling KIT2 complete with electric pump and cover for exclusion of the original pump

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Cooling KIT2: complete with electric pump and CNC machined cover to exclude the original pump
(in this version the mechanical pump is excluded and replaced by a high performance electric pump)

If you want to make extreme use of your Tenerè, this kit is the one for you!
The temperature in off-road rides and in racing use drops
With this competition tested kit. you will solve this problem.
_increase in power ± 2%
_increase of torque ± 2%
_more protected from off-road falls, the electric pump is less protruding than the original mechanical one
_weight reduction
_modification of the original cooling system
_optimal control of engine temperature
_maintaining the motor at a set temperature, no loss of power even in the heaviest use
_proportional control of the water flow rate of the pump as a function of motor heating
_proportional control of the fan air flow as a function of motor heating
_ diagnostic LED: green: ok! green / red: electronic error * red:! alert!
* in the event of an electronic error, both the pump and the fan operate at maximum power, cooling the motor faster
_ Less engine wear
_cooling even with the engine off possibility of revision
_Easy implementation of electronic updates for the control unit
_ parts machined from solid in black anodized ergal
_professional wiring
_high seal silicone tubes
_assembly manual and instructions included

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