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Fork cartridges (low version)

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The standard suspension of the nineT models are quite basic, to overcome this problem and make your bike more performing and comfortable we have studied and tested a series of possibilities, it was a long work, but the result has amazed us too, the bike it changes character and becomes much more fun and usable on every kind of route. This will allow you to have customized suspension and the driving comfort will be fantastic.
-Couplet of cartridges with hydraulic adjustment for original fork, developed on our specifications is equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees exceptional performance.
- Pistoni with increased oil passages
- Adjustable in compression and extension
- The cartridge KIT comes complete with springs
- mm765 wheelbase
- mm100 stroke
- It is not necessary to replace the brake lines
- cod.1638 is required to lengthen the stand

The correct assembly of this product is important for your safety and requires the intervention of an expert technician.

In order to offer you the best, we constantly improve our products in detail. The images could refer to a previous version.

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