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Ohlins Fork Cartridges NIX30S Kawasaki (2018 until now)

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NIX 30mm Cartridge kit
The NIX 30mm Road&Track cartridge kit gives your bike extra performance. It doesn't matter whether you are heading for a National roadracingtitle or you are using your bike for your favourite road or track. This will give you that extra peformance and comfort you need.

The kit has a unique design with compression damping and adjustment in the left leg and rebound daming and adjustment in the right leg. All adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload.

The cartridge kit fits bolt on and is easy to install in most standard hypersport front forks.

It is also a standard feature in the new Road&Track FGRT200 front fork.

- External rebound, compression and spring preload adjusters
- Easy to change settings for individual preferences
- Wide range of spring rates available
- Easy installation and service
- Available for all Hypersport models

The proper installation of this product is important for your safety and requires the intervention of a technical expert.

In order to offer you the best we constantly improve our product details. The images may refer to a previous version.

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