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Rear suspension Ohlins R nineT (Low version)

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€ 1.205,00 + VAT

Rider weight

Usability of the bike

Models compatibility
Ohlins 46 PRCB
46mm mono body
Wheelbase 364 mm
Pressurized in nitrogen with separate tank
16mm stem
Stroke 42 mm
Adjustable in compression and extension
Hydraulic spring preload
These products are prepared and set according to our exclusive specifications, the result is very performing!

Compatible models:
NineT 2014-2016 (EURO 3)
NineT from 2017-2020 (EURO 4)
NineT 2021 (EURO 5)

To offer you the best, we constantly improve our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version.

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