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Rear Ohlins S46HR1C1B HD Pan America 1250

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The stock suspensions are quite basic, to overcome this problem and make your bike more performing and comfortable we have studied and tested a series of possibilities, it was a long job, but the result surprised us too, the bike changes character and it becomes much more fun and usable on any type of route. When ordering, it is possible to indicate the rider's weight and the type of use you normally make of the bike. This will allow you to have customized suspension and driving comfort will be fantastic.

- OHLINS S46DR1S rear shock absorber calibrated and adjusted to our specifications
- Increased wheelbase, shock absorber body longer than 3 mm (to the saddle + 10 mm)

-Total stroke 103 mm (increased by 9 mm)
-Fixed wheelbase

-Hydraulic preload with lever
-Return adjustment
-16 mm stem
- 46 mm mono body

Compatible with Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 models
These products are prepared and set according to our exclusive specifications, the result is very performing!

To offer you the best we are constantly improving our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version.

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