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The BMW Roadster saw its engine increase  up to 1200cc in 2006. In this version it will be produced up until 2014, when it will be replaced by the Liquid Cooled (LC) model. In these 8 years the engine has been reviewed in several fundamental parts, such the distribution becoming twin-shaft. The 1200 model also dropped in weight, becoming a much more agile and even more pleasant and easy to ride motorcycle. In this transition the tank capacity decreased, but the range remained the same, and also the power increased slightly, from the 109 HP in the version with single-shaft distribution to the 110 HP in the one built since 2011. With the adoption of the 1200 Boxer engine some elements of the chassis also changed, the 18" at the rear is in fact replaced by a 17", the same as for the front. This is the latest BMW Roadster model to mount a front with Telelever suspension, one of the identifying elements of the Bavarian models.

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