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BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Factory (Bayerische Motoren Werke) that was created in 1917 for the production of aircraft engines during the First World War. Its origin is recalled by a stylized helix associated with the blue and white colors of Bavaria featured in their logo.
It was thanks to the persistence of the Italian Camillo Castiglioni, who joined the company in 1918, that the factory entered the world of motorcycles. In the same way as other companies at that time, BMW started to differentiate its production, by manufacturing motorcycles in 1923.
The first model from the Munich assembly lines was the R32, easily recognizable for its elegance and the twin-cylinder boxer engine. The boxer will become the element of continuity in the following decades of production and the driving force for the iconic Gelande Strasse, the GS, both the first version with the two-valve per cylinder and the second one with the four-valves (since 1994), and as last, the latest liquid cooled version.

The boxer engine has made the fortune of the German factory because its style, balance and power output transmitting driving pleasure to all its customers. BMW has also been able to further expand the production of the iconic boxer and the best seller GS by giving birth to other models such as the “K series”, with the “flat” engine (with the cylinders parallel to the road surface), the various single-cylinder engines, the most recent 4-cylinder in line that equips sports bikes, and finally, the technological six-cylinder 1600.

Every motorcycle enthusiast can find their own satisfaction in a wide choice of models ranging from the touring, the adventure and even to the super sports bikes. Around the R-GS the Bavarian factory has been able to combine models and engines with very different characteristics but all with the same elegance, reliability and innovation.

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