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Shozo Kawasaki is the man that started the business of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. This is a very strong company, which interests include aerospace, shipbuilding and motorbikes. 1962 is the year when the first motorcycle ever was built in Akashi, completely designed and produced internally. One of the main features by which Kawasaki has always been recognised is its performance. This philosophy was a key factor to successfully join the European market and become one of the main actors. The bike that was chosen for the continental debut was the Mach III 500, a true icon in motorcycle history. When 4 stroke engines started being built, the factory chose to keep the green colour which has always been associated with their bikes. The first 4T bike was the 900 Z1, which for certain reasons can be identified as the first real modern superbike. Once this model made its debut, the bar was set for all other manufacturers and since then a totally new course was taken for the sport bikes in the late seventies and eighties.

Nowadays every kind of biker can satisfy its passion looking at Kawasaki’s vast range, extending also into Modern classic bikes which have inherited the core features and the amazing performances straight from those bikes produced in the ‘70s.  It would be unfair not to mention the state of the art features with which modern sport and road bikes are equipped . Advanced electronic assistance systems make it a pleasure to ride these powerful machines. This riding pleasure and great handling are all factors that have contributed to identify Kawasaki as a real benchmark in the current motorcycle market.

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