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Husqvarna is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world. It takes its name from the small Swedish village where it was founded, back in 1689. The core business was rifles manufacturing, which were used by the Swedish Army and not by chance the logo still recalls the barrel of a rifle. Husqvarna is a corporation  with several different branches of manufacturing, over time many of these realities have seen themselves changing and evolving according to the markets. Chainsaws, typewriters, bicycles and motorbikes to name a few. Motorcycle production began in 1903, initially purchasing engines from third parties but just 15 years later they decided to start developing  them internally. From this moment onwards, every Husqvarna bike was entirely made at the factory.

Races have been a strong part of Husqvarna’s history. Initially focused on track racing and eventually the Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man. The brand then became world leader in off  road competitions (motocross and enduro), winning several world championships,  especially during the sixties and seventies. Their bikes have always been characterized by their build quality, versatility and design. Since the very beginning Husqvarna became supplier for the Swedish Army, and this means reliability and precision have been main features above anything else. Beyond this and mainly for ordinary productions, Husqvarna has been a real point of reference when it comes to motorbikes design. Recently introducing models like Vitpilen and Svartpilen, available in both 401 and 701 engines, are clear examples of this nature  which has found even more power since the factory has been purchased by KTM group.

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