Z900 RS

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Kawasaki enters the modern classic segment with this Z900RS, direct descendant of the legendary Z1, a motorcycle that was the leader of sports motorcycles in the Seventies, the period to which the modern classic segment refers. This Z900RS obviously has a powerful and harmonious four-cylinder 948cc engine capable of developing 111hp. The spirit of the bike is certainly the sports one, made of performance and drivability. The frame works in this sense, lightly and transmitting ease of driving. A direct, precise and very pleasant motorcycle.
The lines are those of the progenitor who guide the whole segment. The teardrop style tank, the double low exhaust, the round headlight. All this embodies the spirit of the 1970s sports motorbike but is updated with all modern technologies. Both constructive and functional. ABS, KTRC (Kawasaki traction control), instrumentation.

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