Kit R 1250 GS LC Rad

Kit R 1250 GS LC Rad

RAD kit, we thought and designed a kit that did not distort the modern GS but at the same time redefined its lines.
Transform your GS making it unique in less than two hours!

RAD kit for all R 1200 GS models from 2014 onwards and for the R1250 GS (No ADV models).
We have developed and built everything professionally, to obtain excellent ergonomics and finish.
A family of accessories comes to life with the GS RAD, dedicated to the new GS, as always for Unit Garage, the white tank and the vermilion-colored saddle immediately catch the eye.
Cover tank cover, and front tip that replace the original ones, it is not necessary to disassemble the original tank, and no type of approval is needed.
The beak extends forward to form an aerodynamic wing that loads the front wheel as taught by recent MotoGP bikes.
The saddle has remained the original one: all the original saddles are compatible with the RAD Kit, from the Rallye saddle to the double saddle in various heights.
Seat covers are supplied in traditional vermillion red or with a sober black leatherette.
The windshield has been developed in different versions with as many heights and has three different transparencies.
The crash bars are available in different models, but to protect the heads of your boxer you can also use the original crash bars.
The Peralluman 3mm light alloy engine guard is cold-pressed and embossed with drain holes.

The exhaust system is a new system and includes the approved silencer, made of titanium and carbon, it is mounted on the original manifolds, leaving the exhaust valve and the standard catalyst.All the accessories and parts of the GS RAD kit are sold also separately and they are Plug and Play and reversible, you will not have to modify anything of the original bike.

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