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R80G/S and R80 GS Basic frames for Atlas aluminum panniers

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Models compatibility
Frames made of stainless steel for the BMW R80G/S and R80 GS Basic models
This complete set of frames made of stainless steel allows you to mount aluminum cases or other cases compatible with the classic 18mm diameter tube frames on the G/S models. They integrate perfectly with the rest of the bike, ready to house our aluminum bags in different sizes or our soft bags compatible with this type of frame. They are supplied complete with mounting kit and screws.
They can be used comfortably with the passenger on board.

NB: for the assembly of these frames it is necessary to have the stock luggage rack installed on the bike

Matte black with speckled powder finish

Stainless steel
Tube diameter 18mm
Pipe thickness mm2

Compatible with:
BMW R80G/S models up to 1987

the BMW R80 GS Basic models 1996/1997
Atlas aluminum bags
Cult bags code: U203 and U204
Khali bags code: UG002+AL0

Bag holder with adjustable front U085+2xA9, UG007+2xA9

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