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Fork Cartridge K Series

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Pair of fork cartridges for K models model 105_W06 (cap with thread)
The K models have been built for many years, and BMW has used different suppliers and different fork designs.

How to recognize your motorcycle's cartridge:

105-w06, cap with thread, cartridge foot screw m10x1.5, fork length 810mm.
For K1100 RS models, year of motorcycle production from 93 to 97 (Marzocchi fork brand, diam. 41.7)

NB: the screw at the cartridge foot is the screw that passes through the fork foot and which fastens the cartridge in the lower part, the length of the fork is measured from the center of the wheel pin to the end of the chromed stem without considering the cap and with the outer tube . All extended then put the fork in the vice and pull hard to extend it as much as possible to cancel the internal counterspring.

If you have customized your K and the "vintage" fork no longer satisfies you, we thought we could make it perform better by changing all the hydraulics and springs. In practice you will have a vintage fork but with racing performance.

Pair of cartridges with hydraulic adjustment for original fork, developed to our specifications and equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees exceptional performance.
Pistons with increased oil passages. Adjustable in compression and rebound. The cartridge KIT is supplied complete with springs.

Correct assembly of this product is important for your safety and requires the intervention of an expert technician. We recommend using Ohlins Fork Oil (code: 01309_01) in the quantity recommended by the manufacturer.

To offer you the best, we constantly improve our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version.


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