K100 sKrambler

K100 sKrambler

This project began as a special and is now available in KIT.
It's been a long process and, this time, we have gone a bit further.

The kit is includes a new rear frame and welding jig.
Complete with detailed instructions, this kit will allow you to change the complete rear part of the bike making it really short and aggressive.

We reconstructed the complete exhaust system into a 4:2:1 ... in perfect racing style! The redesigned single seat is upholstered in real leather. The panels under the tank were made of resin and Kevlar from a mould constructed ad hoc, the same applies for the front fender, the base of the seat and the side panels. An Ohlins rear suspension made to our specifications makes the rear of the bike very aggressive and powerful. The ride, despite the weight of the bike, is extremely pleasant and the sound is fantastic. The classic brand colours complete the work.

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