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High pipe in Titanium

High pipe in Titanium

COD. 1611HighTit
€ 980.00
delivery costs not included

Models compatibility
For the nineT we wanted a special pipe, but also perfect for road use!
1311 grams of Titanium welded by hand, in perfect moto gp style.
It weighs about 3 kg lighter than the original and has a removable DB-Killer.
It mounts easily in just a few minutes onto the passenger frame on the original anti-vibration grommet.
If you want to remove the passenger frame and make the rear of the bike really aggressive,
you'll have to buy our support, code "1611 supp high".
The sound will make you crazy,and the engine resposiveness ... as well!

NB:  Homologation report included.*
*Customers of Swiss nationality can request an additional document for approval at The document is issued by the Swiss approval body and is subject to payment.

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