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R850R-R1100R PRO Kit

  • Code: 2309
€ 3.292,00 + VAT
Models compatibility
R850R-R1100R PRO kits
Code. 2309_BL (Black/Black)
Code. 2309_WH (AlpineWhite/Brown)

Code. 2309_RE (Red/Black)

The basic kit includes:
1 Fenouil windshield
2 handlebar risers
3 handlebar supports
4 Headlight Pro
5 Front fender
6 Original instrumentation kit
7 Adapter for original warning lights
8 Headlight protection grille PRO
9 Front fender (Matt Black)
10 Handlebar bumpers in leather
11 R handlebar
12 1 Mirror with 2 finials
13 Fork gaiters
14 Protection in tube
15 Split leather finish
16 Tall license plate holder
17 Luggage rack
18 Saddle in Leather, Canvas
19 Side cover
20 Kit of 4 Basic arrows
21 Basic indicators extension

1. Fenouil windshield
Code:1227MB (Matt Black)
Code:1227AW (Alpinewhite)
Code:1227RE (RED)

It takes up the look of the legendary R80 GS PD adapted and revised for our KITs. Very light, with Alpinewhite or Matt Black or RED finish. It has good aerodynamic protection and comes complete with fixing brackets.

2. Handlebar riser
Code: 1555

CNC made, machined from solid aluminum alloy with matt black anodizing finish.

3. Handlebar holders
Code: 2301

CNC made, machined from solid aluminum alloy with matt black anodizing finish.

4. Pro Headlight
Code: 1206
Mount two h11 lamps (supplied in the kit). The optical group is the approved one of the R1200 R model, and therefore high performance in night driving. The lighthouse housing is instead of our production.
It can be adjusted and comes with wiring.

Headlight frame
Code: 1216

Made of steel treated with high resistance powder paints. It can be easily mounted on the Riser Code: 1555 and allows the housing of the front light, the high mudguard, the original indicators and the optional windshields.
It is prepared for the assembly of the dashboard with the original tachograph and tachometer.

5. Front fender
Code: 1209MB (Matt Black)
Code: 1209AW (Alpinewhite)
Code: 1209RE (RED)

The front mudguard is available in three colors in the kit. It takes up the lines of the GS toe cap from the 80s, with an Alpinewhite or Matt Black or RED finish; it can be mounted simply by fixing it in the special attachments of the front light frame Code: 1216.

6. Original instrumentation kit

Eliminating the splendid original instruments in this configuration would have been a pity, so we have prepared a kit that allows you to reassemble the odometer, rev counter and warning lights in their place. Only compatible with PRO headlight frame.

7. Adapter for original warning lights

This adapter allows you to house the original warning lights in a very simple way on the kit cod.1508.
Made of 3D printed plastic it is the same color and finish as the dashboard.

8. PRO headlight protection grille

For your off-road outings and for the most demanding journeys, you cannot do without the front headlight grille. Handmade in stainless steel treated with highly resistant powder paints, it is supplied complete with everything necessary for assembly. It mounts on the Pro headlight without Windshield
NB Not approved for road use.

9. MB R850R-R1100R front fender

Front mudguard made of Special Resin and Matt with carbon fiber reinforcements and Matt Black finish. It is supplied ready for assembly and is prepared for fixing to the original fork.

10. Leather handlebar pads

Bumper made of leather, it can be mounted very easily on any handlebar crossbar and protects the face in the event of a fall.

11. R Handlebar

Handlebar made of steel, fixed with our HANDLEBAR SUPPORTS R850R-R1100R (Code: 2301) + HANDLEBAR RISER (Code: 1555).
Handlebar width 78 cm.

12. 1 Mirror with 2 finials

Mirror in black anodized aluminum built ad-hoc. Made with CNC numerical control, the terminals in this case are supplied in pairs. Mirrors are always a problem for the look of the bike, which in this case we have solved in a very minimal way. They are supplied complete with aluminum end caps and fixing screws (they cannot be fitted with plastic handlebar end caps)
In the kit you will find two aluminum terminals complete with screws and a mirror. Mirror diameter mm 72
For a correct and safe assembly: tighten the screws with the mirror in position, carry out a road test and then tighten the screws again.
NB: not approved

+ Handlebar ends

Pair of CNC made handlebar ends with glossy black finish and Unit garage logo. The two M12 fixing screws are included

13. Fork gaiters

Pair of fork gaiters in excellent quality rubber, they protect the stems in off-road driving, highly recommended especially if you want to mount the round headlight in the two versions.

14+15. Protection in tube with split leather finish

The tank of the R850R and R1100R is cut in the rear part to house the original saddle. By mounting a more classic saddle, an empty area remains between the saddle and the tank, we have solved this problem with: protection tube for the sides of the tank made of steel with a thick black epoxy powder finish and split leather finish. In addition to repairing the tank area near the rider's knees, it gives a more muscular look to your R by integrating perfectly with the lines of your bike. Comes complete with everything needed for installation.

16. Tall license plate holder

Made of steel tube painted black with epoxy powders complete with aluminum license plate holder with supports for indicators Basic Code: 1523 (indicators not included). Mounts a minimal round headlight with chrome ring (bulbs included). It is fixed to the frame with the original screws and allows you to significantly change the character and style of the bike at the rear. License plate holder dimensions: 185 x 185 mm
Compatible with models: R850GS-R1100GS-R1150GS-R1150ADV - R850R-R1100R-R1150R

17. Luggage rack

Sturdy luggage rack made of steel tube and aluminum plate with non-slip studs; treated with high-resistance powder paints in matt black colour. Much more compact than the original, it allows you to shorten the tail and refines the frame at the rear. It is compatible with our saddles code:1521 and code:1551 in the various colors, with the tall license plate holder code:1554 and with the frame terminal code:1552
NB this luggage rack is essential for mounting our saddles, because it is designed for fixing the mechanism that controls the saddle release lock in the R1150R model and the fixed support in the R850R and R1100R models. Compatible with models: R850R-R1100R-R1150R

18. Saddle in Leather, Canvas R850R-R1100R

Saddle made of top quality genuine leather with inserts in water-repellent canvas and handmade stitching in cotton thread. We have selected the best tanneries and chosen leathers of Italian origin and not treated with pentachlorophenol. Made with ABS bottom, very comfortable, these saddles are designed to face long journeys. In real black leather, the color matches perfectly with that of the other accessories with black details. Complete with frame that allows mounting on original attachments. It keeps the lock and therefore the same keys as the motorcycle. NB: it can only be mounted by purchasing the luggage rack code 1503 which allows it to be fixed to the rear.

19. Side cover

Pair of very light side casings made of special resin and MAT with carbon fiber reinforcements. They are supplied painted matt black. They are mounted very quickly and finish the rear of the bike. They are compatible with the original cases and with the models: R850GS-R1100GS-R850R-R1100R-R1150GS-1150ADV and R1150R in the original configuration or with our mounted accessories.

20. Kit of 4 Basic arrows

Kit 4 minimal indicators with bulb included 12v 21w and wiring, the front indicators also have the orange light on the rear.
NB: approved

21. Extend basic arrows

If you want to mount the BASIC indicators on the PRO headlight kit with Fenouil windshield, these adapters are needed to move the indicators outwards.
Supplied in pairs, they are equipped with screws for assembly. The wire passes inside the tube and cannot be seen.
NB: for the PRO Kit with BASIC indicators on all models

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