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Tank Fuoriluogo

Tank Fuoriluogo

COD. 2702
€ 1546.00
delivery costs not included

Models compatibility
Cod: 2702YE (Yellow) - 2702GR (Dark grey) - 2702BLU (Blue) - 2702UP (Unpainted)
The parts of the kit are supplied painted, complete with graphics under clear coat and ready for assembly. They are also available unpainted, if you want to paint them to your own design. The shorter fuel tank allows a better riding position. You can get up to six centimetres [2.3 inches] closer to the handlebars. Essential for off-road riding ... and even better on the road. Its lines and colours recall the "regolarità" motorcycles of the seventies / eighties. The fuel cap and fuel pump remain the original ones from your motorcycle, the reserve warning light will still work, you won't have to tamper with anything, the kit is completely reversible. The plastic tank (Nylon) is supplied painted with stickers under clear coat or neutral to paint it as you prefer. The original activated carbon filter (canister) remains the original one. All the supports and anti-vibration mountings for the tank are provided in the kit.
Colours: Yellow, Dark grey, Blue, Unpainted.
Capacity in litres: same as the original.

NB: TÜV approved. Tank created for the Fuoriluogo Kit or to build your special, it cannot be mounted with the original seat.

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