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Rotobox Boost R nineT Carbon wheelset

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€ 3.260,00 + VAT

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Front Size: 17 "x 3.5"
Rear Size: 17 "x 6"

New range of 5-spoke Rotobox wheels in carbon fiber composite, complete with hubs, bearings, spacers and valves.
Available in two colors: glossy carbon or matt carbon

The installation of Rotobox rims on your motorbike can immediately allow a huge reduction in the inertia force, which makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of the motorbike, both on the road and on the track, especially in the most demanding corners.

Thanks to the centralization of the masses in the area of the wheel hub, the gyroscopic effect greatly decreases and accelerating faster, improving sensitivity within the curve and delaying braking will be much simpler.

NB: The photo is purely indicative to demonstrate the quality of the product.
The assembly does not foresee any modification on the motorbike

To offer you the best, we constantly improve our products in detail. The images may refer to an earlier version.

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