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Surfboard carrier

Surfboard carrier

COD. 2018
€ 420.00
delivery costs not included

Strap length:
Models compatibility
We've been thinking for a while to join the "Surf & Bike movement" since all of us here at Unitgarage love Kite surfing and Motorcycles!
So we finally joined our passions; not just for another photoshoot: but to get to our favourite surf spot the fastest! 
The system we have created can be closed completely so once you remove the board you can get back on the bike and go for a ride without disassembling anything!
You can mount it in few minutes with or without our engine protection bars code 1625. It will fit all models nineT.
Complete with straps  with leather trim details.
NB: not approved for road use, it fits only with the original passenger-frame mounted.

In order to offer you the best we constantly improve our product details. The images may refer to a previous version.

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